1400 Leonard Cohen Quotations Tagged By Topic

30 “Words By Leonard Cohen” Topics + Special “Leonard Cohen On His Songs” and “Leonard Cohen-Bob Dylan Interface” Sections

Words By Leonard Cohen is a popular category of Cohencentric posts. Most ongoing readers recognize that the majority of these entries feature quotations from Leonard Cohen interviews with the source of each identified and that this classification also includes comments made onstage, song lyrics, and excerpts from his poems and novels, again with the source of each identified. As of 11 February 2018, Words By Leonard Cohen contains more than 1400 quotations.

Queries from viewers reveal, however, that some are unaware that each Words By Leonard Cohen offering contains one or more tags that indicate the topic(s) of the quotation, comment, lyric, etc. The current list of topics1 follows:

This list of topics does change on occasion. Consequently, Cohencentric now offers an always up to date Leonard Cohen Quotations By Topic Permanent Listing. A link to this listing titled “Quotations By Topic” can be found atop every Cohencentric page (see below).

Leonard Cohen On His Songs

Leonard Cohen’s comments on his songs, organized by song title, are collected at Leonard Cohen On His Songs

The Leonard Cohen-Bob Dylan Interface

Leonard Cohen’s and Bob Dylan’s comments on each other and their interactions are collected at


  1. Other tags, in addition to quotation topics may be attached to Words By Leonard Cohen posts. If the comment deals with a specific song, for example, that song title is included as a tag []

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  1. rike

    At least 1400 days left to start the day with quotes from someone with whom you might not always agree, but whom you always respect–and who often surprises you. Thank you for the collection.