Engravings On Unwritten Snow / Six / For Leonard Cohen / Montreal / Feb 11, 2018

Oana Maria Cajal, whose graphics and videos inspired by Leonard Cohen are familiar to this site’s ongoing readers, is publishing Engravings On Unwritten Snow, a series of Poems and Picto-Impulses dedicated to the Canadian singer-songwriter. The above image and the following poem constitute the sixth entry of this series.

Engravings On Unwritten Snow / Six
For Leonard Cohen

I built an illusion in Montréal
With snow bricks
And nostalgic mortar,
For you to behold at sunset
And at dawn
When shadows stand tall
In frozen, unmesurable Time
This is a place where the questions
Retire from searching deep sense
The birds bury their heads
Under their wings of emotions
The unknown is immense
Burning in fires of doubt,
Can lastly take place
Ring the bell!
If you hear me

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