Photos Of Revelation: Nov 5, 2012 Leonard Cohen Los Angeles Concert

To my eye, these photos taken at the Nov 5, 2012 Los Angeles Leonard Cohen concert by Shannon Burns capture more of the expressiveness and effort of Cohen and his musicians than the galleries generated by professionals. Because press photos are allowed only during the first song of each concert, the images published at news sites have, for the most part, been indistinguishable clones of one another. Leonard Cohen kneeling beside Javier Mas, for example, is a powerful scene but viewing a dozen versions of that tableau taken by a dozen talented professionals in three venues significantly attenuates the dramatic tension. On the other hand, the wider variety of shots taken from the perspective of the audience, as is seen in the selection below, feels fresh and evocative.

Note: Originally posted Nov 7, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

2 Replies to “Photos Of Revelation: Nov 5, 2012 Leonard Cohen Los Angeles Concert”

  1. Christa Polkinhorn

    Great photos. And yes, they are more expressive and interesting than many of the “professional shots.” Thanks for sharing.