Cohencentric 3 Years Old Today – And We Miss Our Audience Of One: Leonard Cohen

chucklesThe above graphic and quote from Leonard below are from Cohencentric’s first blogiversary post on March 7, 2016.

Thanks for the many chuckles, Allan, and the sometimes embarrassing reminders of past follies. Deeply appreciate your efforts on my behalf. Brilliant work. Better than Drudge. Gratitude and warm regards to you and The Duchess.





The State Of The Blog: March 7, 2018

Since Cohencentric came online March 7, 2015, it has published over 6000 posts chock-full of information, photos, videos, animations, audio recordings, musicological and philosophical discussions, and even the occasional joke. That’s an average of 5-6 posts added to the site each day, 365 days a year. Not so shabby. And in just these three years, Cohencentric has accumulated 3.9 million hits (aka unique views). Definitely not too shabby.


As long-time readers know, is the phoenix version of The first post went online 12 years ago – March 3, 2006. The early posts (for example, the second entry, A Heck Of A [Warm-Up] Guy) focused on my life and interests.. For those keeping score, the first mention of Leonard Cohen at the 1HeckOfAGuy URL was the July 6, 2006 entry, “Do I Have To Dance All Night” – The Best Leonard Cohen Song You’ve (Probably) Never Heard, and posts about him, Anjani, Lorca, Adam,  and the rest of the gang were for some time only occasional occurrences. That site closed, for all practical purposes, in mid-February 2015.1 More information about is available here.

Cohencentric Changes Coming

I had indicated that this post would include a discussion of changes coming to Cohencentric but belatedly realized that this celebratory entry was not an auspicious occasion for such an issue, so that announcement will be published later.


  1. still exists, albeit only as a site redirecting folks looking for a Leonard Cohen post originally published on that site to Cohencentric []

11 Replies to “Cohencentric 3 Years Old Today – And We Miss Our Audience Of One: Leonard Cohen”

  1. ucblue

    Uh-Oh. I hope the Cohencentric news isn’t bad. I start every day with your blog………..

  2. Michele prevost

    Congratulations Allan . Waiting for the announcement with some sort of nostalgia …

  3. Bev

    Adding my thanks here too, Allan! So many years of interesting discussion and laughter!
    ….and also wondering what the winds of change will bring.

    Missing Leonard more than I can say…
    I’d like to think he’s still reading here – now that’s a thought to ponder upon 🙂

  4. Alan Mawhinney

    Well done, Allan. Your Opus gets more Magnum every day.
    Please keep going for many more years.
    Best wishes,

  5. june

    The tremendous effort you put into Cohencentric is immeasurable Allan and I’m sure like me all its readers are so very grateful and appreciative of your ceaseless endeavours to constantly bring hitherto unknown or forgotten facts, pictures, videos and all manner of interesting snippets to our table. Even though we may not actually thank you nearly often enough, be sure we feel it in our hearts, just as we are united in feeling a deep love for Leonard in our hearts – Missing his presence in the world so very much …. ♥️
    Thank you Allan x

  6. Christa Polkinhorn

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful, funny, serious, fascinating information here. I come here daily to keep in touch with this great artist and lovely human being.