Hear 12 Songs From Nov 4, 1980 Leonard Cohen Bonn Concert

1980 Leonard Cohen Bonn Concert Recording

As far as I can determine, no recording of the Nov 4, 1980 Leonard Cohen concert at the Beethovenhalle in Bonn, Germany has been available online – until now. A tape of one hour of the show has emerged, thanks to the generosity of a friend from Bonn, who recorded this song and 11 others with the permission of Leonard Cohen and his sound engineer.

  1. The Window Featuring Raffi Hakopian On Violin
  2. Diamonds In The Mine With Dedication To “The Next Presiden”
  3. Chelsea Hotel #2 + “Dreaded Feedback” Stage Banter
  4. Memories + “Sweet Music Of America” Outro & Featuring Paul Ostermayer On Sax
  5. Passing Through Featuring Leonard Cohen On Hand Whistle
  6. Joan of Arc Featuring Sharon Robinson
  7. Who By Fire With Brilliant Opening By John Bilezikjian On Oud
  8. Stranger Song
  9. Famous Blue Raincoat Featuring Paul Ostermayer On Sax
  10. Story Of Isaac
  11. Lover, Lover, Lover Featuring John Bilezikjian On Oud
  12. Gypsy’s Wife Featuring Raffi Hakopian On Violin

All 12 songs can now be heard in a single YouTube playlist.

All songs from this concert have been posted and are collected at .

The supporting musicians for the 1980 Tour follow:

  • Sharon Robinson – vocals
  • Roscoe Beck – bass guitar
  • John Bilezikjian – oud, mandolin
  • Bill Ginn – keyboards
  • Raffi Hakopian – violin
  • Steve Meador – drums
  • Paul Ostermayer – wind
  • Mitch Watkins – electric guitar

Credit Due Department: Photo of Leonard Cohen performing in Amsterdam, 1980 by Pete Purnell.

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