A 1993 Gallery: Leonard Cohen & Musicians On “Later With Jools Holland”

All the images in this gallery are screen captures from a video of Leonard Cohen and his musicians in a performance which took place May 12, 1993 and was taped for an episode of the “Later With Jools Holland” BBC program (broadcast May 14, 1993).


Identification Guide

Julie Christensen is the blonde backup singer. Perla Batalla, the other backup vocalist is positioned on the reader’s right. Most of the other individuals can be identified by their instruments:

Leonard Cohen – vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Perla Batalla – vocals
Julie Christensen – vocals
Bob Metzger – guitars, pedal steel guitar
Bob Furgo – keyboards, violin
Paul Ostermayer – keyboards, saxophone, flute
Bill Ginn – keyboards
Jorge Calderon – bass
Steve Meador – drums

Note: Originally Mar 12, 2013 posted at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

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