Now Released: Zen & Poesie – The Leonard Cohen Lexicon By Christof Graf

Now on sale at Amazon. The following information is from the official Press Release (via Google Translate):

Zen & Poesie – The Leonard Cohen Lexicon
The Cohenpedia – Series Vol. I
By Christof Graf

Paperback: 508 pages
Publisher: Schardt, M
Language: German
Release Date: April 6, 2018
ISBN 978-3-89841-846-1

On November 7, 2018, the anniversary of the death of Canadian rock poet Leonard Cohen marks the second anniversary. Shortly after his 82nd birthday on September 21, 2016, the exceptional artist released his epic masterpiece “You Want It Darker”. Only a short time later Leonard Cohen died on November 7, 2016 in his home in Los Angeles. There are more than 3000 cover versions of his songs. Alone over 300 exist at the moment of his – besides “Suzanne” – most famous song “Hallelujah”. But many still know little about him.

“ZEN & POESIE – The Leonard Cohen lexicon” conveys for the first time knowledge of the master of word and voice, which was not yet collected in this way. Christof Graf, author of already five books on Leonard Cohen, Cohen-Blogger and operator of the oldest and most extensive German website is “Cohen expert for four decades” (MANNHEIMER MORGEN). On more than 500 pages with almost 5,000 headwords, titles and names, etc., the author manages “a unique encyclopedia of Leonard Cohen’s artistic oeuvre” (SAARLAND DRUNDING). All albums, all songs, all musicians, everything from and about Leonard Cohen from A to Z Count offers in this documentary reference book.

“ZEN & POESIE – The Leonard Cohen Lexicon” – is an exploration of Volume 1, after an introductory biographical essay on the artist’s “LIFE & WORK” with Cohen’s love of poetry and his devotion to Zen Buddhism and Indian philosophies. In the second chapter, “ZEN & POESIE”, which gives the title of the book, the author casually examines Leonard Cohen’s spiritual search for meaning, and goes on his travels to India and talks with the Indian philosopher Ramesh Balsekar.

In the third chapter, entitled “PROJECTION & TRANSFORMATION”, the author documents Cohen’s art of painting pictures with words. An ability that even today many artists and companions appreciate Cohen songs. Bono Vox (U2) and Wolfgang Niedecken (BAP) are among others. cited. In the actual Lexicaran over 400-page fourth chapter called “LEXICON & ANNEX”, the author has compiled terms that provide anyone interested with extensive, explanatory information about Leonard Cohen’s complete artistic work. In this chapter textual and content is also on each of the officially just under 150 songs by Leonard Cohen received. The result of this “numbers, data and facts collection” of utmost goodness and depth is a reference work that has not yet been written about Leonard Cohen. The book “ZEN & POESIE” is not only the beginning of a great friendship with the work of Leonard Cohen, but also the perfect introduction to his world. Count, who had almost finished the book in 2016, leaves the reader in the expanded encyclopaedia with his memoirs of his last visit to Leonard Cohen – three weeks before the death of the artist – in Los Angeles in October 2016 in the chapter “THE DARKNESS – YOU WANT IT DARKER – A NACHKLANG TO THE DEATH OF LEONARD COHEN “. The book is framed by two interview protocols that the author shared with Leonard Cohen’s son Adam. Two photo series with predominantly unpublished photographic material complete the book.

Update: Coming Nov 30, 2018: Zen & Poesie 2 – The Leonard Cohen Lexicon By Christof Graf