Sharon Robinson Describes Leonard Cohen’s Preconcert Rituals “All Designed To Bring Us Together For The Performance” + “We’re Walking” Video

Before the concerts, we had these rituals that Leonard sort of designed. A half hour before the show, the band would gather in the green room and he would put essential oil on our wrists. Sometimes there were beverages, smoothies passed around. And we would do a chant as we walked to the stage, singing this Latin folk song as a round. We walked slowly, as if we were monks. But it was all designed to bring us together for the performance. Leonard always encouraged me not to look to other people for guidance, but to do what I felt in my heart. He told me, ‘You know what to do.’quotedown2

Sharon Robinson


From Remembering Leonard Cohen: Close Friends, Collaborators & Critics on How He Changed Music Forever by Sasha Frere-Jones (Billboard: November 17, 2016), Video posted on Sharon Robinson’s Facebook page.