That Don’t Make It Junk: Things Cohenites Don’t Like About Leonard Cohen

Introduction To Things Cohenites Don’t Like About Leonard Cohen

Cohenites are a tough crowd for a blogger. Oh, it’s true enough that posting anything that includes the words “Leonard Cohen” will garner a certain number of hits and positive comments, but predicting which entries will be popular or disliked at a given time is, as T.S. Eliot characterized poetry, “a mug’s game.”

Update: For the other side of the story, see  Is This What You Wanted: Things Cohenites Like Most About Leonard Cohen

Consider these examples. After a decade of writing about Leonard on my own sites and turns posting on LeonardCohenForum, Facebook fan groups, YouTube, and the official Leonard Cohen Facebook page, I’ve detected1 the following:

1. Videos of Leonard Cohen concert performances (e.g. Best Of 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour Video Setlist and Best Of 2013 Leonard Cohen Tour Video Setlist) that were in demand prior to Leonard’s  death are much less popular now.

2. Comparisons of Leonard Cohen to anyone else, even as a joke, are anathema. The sample below from the GIF Guide: Ascertaining If You Are At A Beyoncé Or Leonard Cohen Show triggered vehement comments.
3. A few years ago, Rebecca De Mornay, the movie star who was Leonard’s fiancée, was persona non grata, universally criticized if not loathed. In the past months, however, responses to entries featuring her have been enthusiastically positive.

4. Testimonials about Leonard from the right people (e.g., Sharon Robinson, Jennifer Warnes, Webb Sisters) are incredibly well received. Testimonials about Leonard from the wrong people (e.g., Prince Charles, Bono) – not so much.

Now, a portion of the criticism leveled against the posts falling in these sample categories can be legitimately ascribed to the readers’ evaluations of the choices made and the authorial skills employed by the blogger (that would be me), but our primary interest lies in specific Leonard Cohen biographical issues, uncontaminated by a journalist’s perspective, that routinely earn the disapprobation of fans.

The Big Three Leonard Cohen No-Noes

Three Leonard Cohen topics, all unequivocal facts from Leonard’s history, have proved overwhelmingly and uniformly unpopular with and, frequently, antagonistic to readers. These issues featured in these That Don’t Make It Junk – Things Cohenites Don’t Like About Leonard Cohen posts.

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  1. “Detected” connotes observations on my part that lack rigid, scientific statistical verification but which I am am convinced – and on which I would wager significant sums of cash – are accurate. []

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  1. Judith Ripp

    What is the point?
    Cohenites are free to dislike whatever they like.
    But why spread their negativity?