Leonard Cohen’s Words On Songwriting Influence Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner On Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino Album

Arctic Monkeys released their sixth album on Friday (May 11), which features a shift in sound and lyrical approach from the Sheffield band… Asked how he felt about people pulling one or two lines out of each song and them losing their context, Turner replied:

I think I saw Leonard Cohen talking about writing and that idea if you pull out one thing from one his songs, you’re gonna be like, ‘What is he on about?’ But in the context of everything, I feel like you know exactly where he’s coming from, especially with a writer like him – you’re right there with him as you listen to a song of his in its entirety or a record. Hearing him talk about that idea of pulling one thing out and it not making much sense is definitely something that spurred me on to approaching this record in that way and not be so concerned with making the thing be about whatever it’s about.quotedown2

Alex Turner

Excerpted from Alex Turner says hearing Leonard Cohen talk about songwriting ‘spurred him on’ to write ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ by Rhian Daly (NME: