Leonard Cohen Concert Tickets Collection: Paramount Theatre, Oakland – Dec 5, 2010

“How come I didn’t know him in the 70s?” her husband, recuperating after major surgery, asked. “On stage, commanding it, for almost four hours! Even I was impressed. And the young girl sitting next to you. She mouthed the lyrics to every one of his songs. Amazing. He’s my age, for crying out loud.”

Did she, will she ever — she’ll probably never tell her husband how the work of the Canadian singer influenced her as a young woman. Driving home from Oakland after their very first Leonard Cohen concert in 2010, all she said was, “I almost met him once, in Vienna. If we had gone to that bar after Peter’s gallery opening, in 1976…”


Leonard Cohen Concert Tickets Collection

Rike’s tickets along with her accompanying memory are an early contribution to the Leonard Cohen Concert Tickets Collection. The concept is that such a collection would prove valuable and enlightening. Toward that end, we’re inviting readers to send in scans or photos of their Leonard Cohen concert tickets to Please enter “Leonard Cohen Tickets” in the Subject Line. We also invite you to add a brief note if the tickets or the show itself holds special meaning.

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