Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered – The Farewell Tour

I Did My Best, It Wasn’t Much

After posting about Leonard Cohen for more than a decade, thus achieving my goal of creating the Internet’s most devoutly irreverent, delightfully droll, and distinctively offbeat Leonard Cohen site administered by a deeply superficial, nonpracticing agnostic hard-core dilettante, I am announcing my impending abdication.

Farewell Tour?

Well, the notion of producing a Cohencentric Farewell Tour seemed less rude – and a lot more fun – than precipitously deleting the site from the Interwebs. In addition, I’ve committed to a handful of projects that aren’t yet ready to publish, and my contract with the company hosting this site doesn’t terminate until later this year. Also, the essential and gratifying obligation of acknowledging the multitude of friends, photographers, writers, collectors, and fans who have generously contributed to Cohencentric’s success will require time. Accordingly, Cohencentric will be online until this Fall, and, until then,

We’ll give you everything we got

Why Stop Now?

More than once over the years, I’ve been so disenchanted that I decided to terminate my site (why pay $2000 a year to be abused – and not in the fun way?), only to be seduced into continuing by Leonard’s words to me, delivered in person or by email. (No, I don’t believe Leonard intentionally lured me into staying the course; it just turned out that way.) Given that I will never again hear from the man who was my audience of one, persevering has become even more difficult.

Now, anyone who knows me won’t be surprised to find that I have maintained an incredibly detailed list of grievances that led to this final determination to skip off the stage, but, heck, as Leonard observed,

Nothing in this human realm is meant to work. So once you can deeply appreciate that…the mind of compassion grows if you understand that everybody’s up against it.1

OK, OK, I’m still working on that mind of compassion thing.

Truth is, I can’t complain. The way things work is that no one was obligated to praise, applaud, or pay for my efforts. And, there have been lots of folks who have liked my stuff and have been gracious enough to say so.

What Now?

Other than Cohencentric’s publishing schedule becoming less consistent/obsessive and the reposting – for the last time – of some of Cohencentric’s Greatest Hits, little will change during the final phase of this site’s existence. So, those of you who are fans can continue to enjoy Cohencentric for a while; and, the rest of you can look forward to the time when Cohencentric is no more. Everybody wins.

What Next?

Well, “announcing my impending abdication” isn’t the same as “announcing my impending retirement.” I will be embarking on a new quest after the first of the year. But, more about that later.



  1. From Leonard Cohen interview With Stina Dabrowski (Mount Baldy Zen Center: 1997. []

40 Replies to “Cohencentric: Leonard Cohen Considered – The Farewell Tour”

  1. Karl W. Lohninger

    Now that’s the end of an era. I very much appreciate all your work, a daily pleasure to pursue. Thank you!

  2. Maria Björkman

    You will be much missed. I’m so grateful for the fantastic work you have done! A source of daily pleasure, delight and consolation. Thank you!

  3. geoffrey wren

    it was great while it lasted, but leonard has died, and nothing is permanent, and ‘you only live only as long as the last person who remembers you’ – as akecheta said. closing this website is a step towards his memory being sunk into oblivion. his work will inevitably become less and less topical as new generations appear, and his importance will eventually be all but extinguished. thank you, allan, for the energy spent on this project 🙂

  4. Gena Goldstein

    I’m so so sorry to hear this. I never get tired of reading about Leonard, and your postings have kept him alive for me. But I do understand your need to stop and move on. Thank you for all you’ve given to all of us. 💕🙏

  5. valerio fiandra

    Allan, my good friend. Long may you run, I’m sure you’ll find paths suited. Thank you, MOLTE MOLTE GRAZIE. You have been the most appreciated LC’s source for me, The Bao from Italy.

    Hope I hear you again,


  6. THOMAS Bohan

    Alan—Though I have rarely commented, I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your postings over the years and how much gratitude we Cohenistas owe to you. I will miss the site. —Tom

  7. Marcia

    Thank you, Allan, for giving us a few months advance warning of your online ‘Library of All Things Cohen’ demise. If we had logged on one morning and found Cohencentric just GONE, well, I don’t like to even think of the mental trauma that would have caused. And you, as a mental health professional, certainly wouldn’t want to release such sudden angst into a world already slipping into the Twilight Zone (at least in the west!).
    It is said that nothing online ever really disappears . . . I guess that’s if we’ve copied links that Cohencentric has provided to all-things-Cohen articles, interviews, videos, etc. that are found in other places. Or if we’ve made copies of some of your marvelously fun videos and postings, i.e. your creation of Leonard Cohen and his creation of you. Yes, even after Cohencentric is ‘offline’, your love of all things Cohen will remain with us . . . (uh, not that we’d infringe on your copyright or anything like that!!!!) So, thank you, Allan, for the memories and I have to go now because I’m going to be very busy for the near future . . .

  8. Michele prevost

    In a Shock after reading your post but full of gratitude for The daily bread you offered us for so many years . Your work is gigantic ….Wish I had Kept all your posts ….
    with Leonard Cohen gone …..with your abdication … this imperfect world seems all the more difficult to live In. I’ll miss you but be sure that I will follow you In your next venture.
    A thousand thanks deep.

  9. sally hunter

    I will miss my daily dose dearly. You will leave an empty cyber space space in my daily routines. Much gratitude for all those years of reading pleasure.

  10. Kristina

    I am so sad to hear this! I’ve been a “persona muta” on this site, I’ve never commented before, but I certainly enjoyed all of your post and just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done.
    Best of luck in your future endeavours!

  11. Boel Jacobsson

    You will be missed Allan! Thank you so much for your hard work and excellent post over the years, for facts and fun, for Cohencentric, for insights and laughs and tears, for detailed knowledge and the generosity to share it! 💖
    Wishing you all the best!🌿

  12. Kristina

    Allan, I am another Kristina and also have never commented before. I did however want to let you know how much I enjoy your writing and this blog. Other than some vague memories in the 80s of a deep voiced singer I had not been aware of Leonard Cohen’s work up until I saw an article around the release of You Want It Darker and downloaded the album. I was moved in a way I had not been before by a musician or singer. Since then I have very much enjoyed working my way though albums, books and many interviews and articles. Your blog has been very much a part of this for me. I will certainly miss my daily read of Cohencentric. I look forward to reading the remaining posts this summer and will be interested to read about your next quest. Thank you so much.

  13. rike

    Dear Allan,

    What will I do first thing each morning? Too egoistic–I know that you will continue to work on projects you feel passionate about and that should be enough for an old fan like me.
    Maybe you will let slip through an occasional e-mail with a comment or fond memory.

    Grateful for all the years in which your posts brightened my day,

  14. Bev

    Dear Allan,
    My heart is heavy as I write this but I have an affinity to the feeling behind your decision. I wish nothing but the absolute best for you. I want to thank you for including my words, photos and escapades over the years relating to Leonard on your site. I have had much pleasure sharing them and love reading about others doing the same. I will truly miss your unparalleled contributions and wonderful sense of humour.

    But as it is said with the way of the world, “To everything, turn, turn, turn”.

  15. Rebecca

    Thankyou for your work, I’ve loved reading it. I’m saddened that people were abusuve here.
    Goodluck with the future

  16. Alan Mawhinney

    Dear Allan,
    I will miss my daily dose of Cohencentric, as will many others.
    I treasure our occasional collaborations and I thank you for promoting my LC concert videos over the years.
    Best wishes for however you plan to fill your days in the future, and rest assured I will be reading up until the very last day.

  17. Neil

    Dear Allan,
    Like many others, I’ve not been one for posting comments online. However, just to say from here on the Wirral in the UK, I have thoroughly enjoyed your site and your daily dose of laughing Len. Thank you for the site and all your work.
    All the best,

  18. June

    It’s four in the morning
    And once more the dawning
    Just woke up the wanting in me…

    At this unearthly hour as I turned on my computer, in a very low mood and needing distraction I came upon your email from yesterday. Such a shock …. How tremendously appreciated your daily posts have been by me since the first day I discovered Cohencentric.. I think you hinted at something like this a few months back so I shouldn’t be surprised. So sad and appalled to read that you have received abuse in return for your amazing efforts to bring such a wealth of information to the screens of ardent fans of Leonard. Most particularly, how you have managed to maintain such a steady stream of fascinating posts since Leonard died I really can’t imagine. So sorry if we have taken your efforts for granted Allan and not expressed our grateful thanks anywhere near often enough. Thank you so much for all the years, and thank you for giving us advance warning of your “impending abdication” Many of us will feel quite bereft I’m certain on that sad day. 💔

  19. Linda

    Allan, thank you so much for my daily dose of Leonard! There has been hardly a day that I have not checked in with you over the past 5 years. I am so indebted to you for sharing dear Leonard with me, and with everyone else lucky enough to have discovered your website! Only time will tell who and what will be remembered down the ages. Leonard said, we are so lightly here. Anyway, I will miss you here, and I really appreciate the advanced warning! I wish you and the Duchess all the best, and am very curious about your new quest.
    Linda Fish

  20. phil butterworth

    I will certainly miss your pathway to Leonard: I am and always will be ‘Cohencentric’. Reading your writing, seeing your pics and understanding your devotion has been a privilege. Your postings have given insights, triggered recollections and always made me smile. There has been great empathy in knowing there are fans worldwide sharing what you post.

    Allan, your decision certainly marks the end of an era. It is good to have a warning, I will savour ‘The final Tour’ as I did Leonard’s.

    I cannot thank you enough for your effort and time in all you have done over the years. Do reflect on all the pleasure you have given to so many people over the years. But Hey, that probably is the right way to say Goodbye….and our steps will always rhyme.

  21. Pete Purnell

    Dear Allan, thanks for everything. Like so many others my daily routine of checking the site will have to adapt to a new rhythm. All good things, it appears, do come to an end. It’s a pity that this doesn’t apply to the bad things too. You have given so much pleasure to so many. To me personally by regularly publishing my photo’s of Leonard from the ’70s and ’80s and giving them a new lease of life.
    All the best wishes for the future, Pete

    1. DrHGuy Post author

      I’ve looked for a partner for a couple of years now with no joy. The costs of hosting the site, storage space, various add-ons (e.g, the timeline mechanism), etc are actually somewhat higher than $2000 annually.

  22. Christa Polkinhorn

    Dear Allan, I very much enjoy your posts and want to thank you for your hard work. This website helps me stay in touch with a wonderful man and artist. I have learned so much about his work on this page. You’re going to be missed but I hope to continue hearing from you somewhere, on your FB pages and groups. Thanks again!

  23. heather van zyl

    Dear Allan,
    Oh my goodness!!! How does one thank you enough? You have brought a morning ray of sunshine to a little group of us here, far down under, where we meet as friends and talk about your amazing postings.. often starting with… “I didn’t know that…” or “did you see those …” etc.
    Thank you for letting us down gently… Yours were the posts that made it easy to lift the lid on the Mac first thing knowing there would be some warmth to read before continuing with the rest.
    May the sunshine always be at your back. Thank you.

  24. Yves

    Dear Allan,
    I am very sad to read about the end of Cohencentric, not only because of the loss of an invaluable memory of the man which I had come to believe would be eternal (just as he should have been), but also because of the deep human sympathy which was palpable in each and everyone of your posts. Nonetheless, I am also happy to learn that you will move on, eventually, as, I believe, we all should do.
    Best wishes,

  25. Lee

    It is a shame the Cohen estate has shown no interest, after all you have done more than many of them to keep his material and memory alive.

    Shame on them.

    Thank you for your service to the Cohen cause Allan.

    1. Gena Goldstein

      I agree. And it really doesn’t make any sense for them not to help. Your site has enriched us all, Allan. We are all so grateful.

  26. Laura Ryan

    If it be your will, alright then, and thank you. But if it’s mostly the cost, I imagine many subscribers would happily pay, what, a buck a month? $25/year? Or should I start a go fund me? Or should I just accept this? I know that Leonard would, but I’m not there yet.

  27. Marie O

    Allan, I have been a daily reader of your blog since discovering it some years ago and will miss it so much. There is always something I missed, some really special nugget that is so Leonard.
    I would certainly contribute towards the cost of maintaining your site, it seems very fair to me. If this does not happen I want to say “Thank You” for your wonderful work in keeping Leonard’s work alive for us.

    1. Emanuel

      I found this site by accident and am sad to hear that it will soon disappear.
      It has been a wealth of information and has certainly helped to keep Leonard Cohen’s memory alive.
      Checked this website often and will miss it.
      Thanks for all you’ve done.

  28. Babeth

    I have loved so much your view of Leonard’s work, your tone free and full of life . Your delicious slight and joyfull distance …
    Leonard has given us rich words and music and testimony of leaving (with defeat and not only !) Giving us your regard on them you have enhanced what he gave us .
    I am really happy if you have projects that fit you the best possible
    Merci de tout coeur

  29. Boro

    Hi Allan, thanks very much for all these years. After the death of Leonard, your website has been for me a great place of consolation and fun.

    If the financial problem you are facing to keep the site alive, please contact me and I think it won’t be hard to crowdfund the maintenance&hosting costs. I will be the first doing it.

    If that is not the key point and your decission os closed and taken, thank you anyway. Your work has been important to me and as I see here, also for others.

    Waiting to have news from you!

    Thanks Allan

  30. Bernie Wright

    I think we felt Leonard was around as long as we had Cohencentric. But he will never be gone really. thank you for all you have compiled for us.
    He was really special.

    1. Amrei

      Dear Allan, I would happily contribute to share the costs to keep this page alive. I am sure, many of us would.
      I also have not commented so often – and giving that a second thought, I really do regret that.
      I am so grateful for all the work you’ve done, I was sad already, when you shut down 1 Heck of a Guy.
      Really, I don’t think it should be difficult to find enough subscribers to keep cover the costs and keep this page alive – all these posts and links and pictures just to be lost – what a horrible thought …
      Would you consider letting us subscribe? Maybe you did not get one partner, but many of us could do it?

  31. Amrei

    Allan, this makes me so incredibly sad. Your page has often been my “crack” – and you know well, what is meant by that. As you put it yourself in words, life is not always easy and my way of giving me a little break or a good laugh (with you) has been to read an essay here or a witty comment, a story about poetry, a song, a concert and I have been really happy about this being possible, especially since Leonard no longer is with us.
    I really like your eloquent, sharp and witty style of writing and if there was something worth noticing, one could be sure that you would.
    I am sad and sorry that you were abused (I never saw anything like that though) and of course I understand and respect your decision, but I really do hope, that all these treasures on this site not just will be lost. Maybe, you will publish them in a book? In some other form? Will you let us know?
    I wish you all the best and really still do have a stupid hope that you might re-consider? Please …