“I will remember this concert for the rest of my days” – Uwe Schrade On The 2013 Leonard Cohen Berlin Concert

Uwe Schrade of Switzerland writes about the July 17, 2013 Leonard Cohen show in Berlin:

Just back from Berlin…. what an incredible night we had!

After Hamburg, which was (from my point of view) an outstanding performance from Leonard and all of the band members, I wouldn’t – no, I thought – I couldn’t expect more ….

But last night, Leonard delivered a touching, very warm, very exciting evening!

Yes, since Lucca, “Anthem” has been skipped although I don’t know why. I do miss it.

But this is Leonard Cohen’s show, and he knows very well what to do, even when I and others want to hear this or that song.

Since Lucca, Lover Lover Lover has been played just before the break. During this song, he introduced the Unified Heart Touring Company musicians and then announced the break.

But in Berlin, we could hear Leonard shouting to Javier Mas, “One more time the [first or the last?] verse!” And the rhythm of Lover Lover Lover thrilled the crowd wildly. A very, very good way to make a outro (at least for me). I love this song more and more, especially in this version.

I hope that they will publish a live DVD from this summer Tour.

It’s not the same show now as it was in 2008 and 2009. It’s really cool now. Leonard is much more relaxed and delivering some unique, special shows that are distinctly different from the concerts of past years. And everyone can see that he likes what he does. In Berlin, he looked like he was having fun on the stage. And you can feel that he wants to be right there this moment!

I wondered if Leonard would play “Chelsea Hotel” and “Tower of Song,” and he did – but once again he did it in a different way. When I expected piano tones from the synthesizer in “Tower of Song,” I heard instead the notes of a pan flute.

The Cohenites in the audience all laughed together, and most significantly, Leonard laughed. It was a kind of tease.

Soon he had all of the audience members laughing as well.

Many arrangements were changed. Even “Chelsea Hotel” was different – a little harder…. just different, better and better!

Leonard Cohen is not just a singer and a poet; he is a real magician.

Sure, you can’t compare singers or poets with each other. But one thing is clear – Leonard Cohen plays in his own league, as do his hand-picked musicians; each and every one of them is truly an artist, each at the top of his profession!

And in Berlin, to paraphrase Leonard Cohen, they gave me everything they got.

I will remember this concert for the rest of my days.

Leonard Cohen and all of the band and crew – thank you very, very much!

This means so very much to me and, I am sure, to other people too!

My wife Susanne have a “round” birthday, that’s why we fly to Vienna…. So both of us will receive a great, great present – we have given ourselves VIP tickets to see Mr. Cohen, a true gentlemen, a crooner in his own league!

Photo by Evgeny Goldin. Originally posted July 19, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric