Help Choose “Greatest Hits” For The Cohencentric Farewell Tour

As part of The Cohencentric Farewell Tour, we’re running – one last time – this site’s Greatest Hits. While it’s simple enough to calculate which posts garnered the most views, limiting Cohencentric’s Greatest the most generically popular posts would result in a collection egregiously devoid of those entries holding special significance to specific viewers, for example:

  • A performance video from a well-remembered concert
  • A Leonard Cohen quotation that somehow helped during a difficult time
  • An instance of Leonard’s stage banter that was especially insightful, funny, or provocative
  • A photo of Leonard that resonated
  • An animation that moved you
  • An interview or essay that lent new awareness into Leonard’s life and work
  • A photoshopped graphic, sophisticated witticism, or goofy wisecrack that produced a chortle or two

There’s more, but you get the idea – if a Cohencentric post is a Greatest Hit for you, then it’s a Greatest Hit.

Send the links to the posts, lists, tags, categories, etc. you nominate for Cohencentric’s Greatest Hits to the email address listed below along with an explanation of why that post is important to you. Also, let me know how you prefer to be identified (e.g., real name, alias, anonymous …) if your recommendation is published.

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