Interest In Phil Spector Pointing Pistol At Leonard Cohen Leads To Cohencentric Popularity Spike

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Ir turns out that the good folks at Reddit were interested enough in the account of Phil Spector holding a gun to Leonard Cohen’s head to make Guns Aimed At Leonard Cohen the most popular Cohencentric entry yesterday and, in the process, cause a spike in this site’s recent popularity. (Guns Aimed At Leonard Cohen features the Phil Spector anecdote as well as the stories of Cuban soldiers with submachine guns capturing Leonard and Maoists at the 1970 Aix-En-Provence Festival shooting at him.)

On the same day a post on Steve Hoffman Music Forums about Joni Mitchell’s Rainy Night House included links to Firearms In The Work & Life Of Leonard Cohen: His Father’s World War I Pistol and That Don’t Make It Junk – Things Cohenites Don’t Like About Leonard Cohen: His Guns, which also added to the total hits, albeit less dramatically.