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Nobody Tells Me Nothin’ – Officially

Since posting Is A New Leonard Cohen Album In The Making?, I’ve heard from two individuals belonging to the in the know category, both of whom have proved reliable informants in the past – but neither of whom, it transpires, is the Pope speaking ex cathedra – who declare that the only question about the release of a posthumous Leonard Cohen album is not if but when.

Now, Nobody Tells Me Nothin’ – Officially has long been the byword for my Leonard Cohen sites. Consequently, I cannot vouch for the accuracy or validity of this claim beyond what I have been told, and this is certainly not the equivalent of a guarantee or, indeed, anything more significant than “How about that.” So, caveat emptor, King’s X, no backsies…

On the other hand, DrHGuy’s prognostications have turned out to be accurate in the past. Check out, for example,

And consider this Jan 21, 2009 (a predecessor of Cohencentric) post:

Looks Like A Go: Leonard Cohen To Open U.S. Tour April 2nd In Austin

I have been informed, after a few inquires, that Roscoe Beck, a resident of Austin and the Musical Director of The Leonard Cohen Tour, had sent an email to his friends there, warning them that, since his allotment of complementary tickets was exhausted and Cohen’s shows were selling out rapidly, sometimes within minutes, those wishing to attend the concert should act immediately when seats went on sale. The email also had a link to the ticket sales site. None of this is, of course, a guarantee, and currently, no tickets are on sale for a Cohen concert in Austin and no mention of a Cohen concert is yet on the Long Center schedule, but it looks like Leonard Cohen fans in, around, and within traveling distance of Austin may be needing these Long Center seating charts soon.

And shortly thereafter, I posted this:

Sometimes you get lucky.

For something a tad more eerie, see Leonard Cohen Reveals Story Behind The Mystery Of His 1978 Bracelet.

We’ll see what happens with the Posthumous Leonard Cohen Album