“Bob Dylan, that commie” Leonard Cohen’s Joke Gets Him Disinvited From 1992 Dylan Tribute

Why were you not part of the concert in homage to Dylan [the 1992 Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden]?

I think I was invited, but I made a joke. Don Ienner, who’s the president of Columbia, mentioned this concert to me and I made a joke. He said that there would be a Dylan tribute. I said, ‘Bob Dylan, that commie. He singlehandedly destroyed society.’ I said, ‘My daughter wrote on the edge of her book: ‘Your sons and your daughters are beyond your control.’ Thanks a lot, Bob.’ And I don’t know if they thought I was serious or not. Then, I was never asked again.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Excerpt from The Future by Alberto Manzano. El Europeo: Spring 1993.