Video: Roger Ebert Talks About How Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man Saved His Life


I was so sad to hear about Leonard Cohen’s death, but I am sure the Angels are singing “Hallelujah!” Roger and I were big fans of his poetic lyrics and his guttural voice. But one of our favorite songs, “I’m Your Man,” actually saved Roger’s life. As Roger says in the scene below from Steve James’s “Life Itself,” if he hadn’t been playing that song for the doctors and nurses on the day he was to be released from the hospital, we would have been driving home on Lake Shore Drive when he had his first catastrophic medical incident. So we always said, “Thank you Leonard Cohen.” Today, I say “Thank you Leonard Cohen for the grace you brought to this planet. May you rest in bliss.”

From The Song That Saved Roger: Memories of Leonard Cohen by Chaz Ebert (Chaz’s Journal: November 11, 2016). Photo by Sound OpinionsFlickr: Roger Ebert, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link