About “Leonard Cohen: An Illustrated Record” By Mike Evans

I heard from the folks at Plexus Books, publishers of this volume. who write

We will be publishing LEONARD COHEN: An Illustrated Record, by Mike Evans on the 7th November, in order to coincide with the second anniversary of Cohen’s death.  [DrHGuy Note: The official publishing date of Nov 7, 2018 notwithstanding, there is conflicting information on various retail sites, and at least one copy of this book has been received  by contributor Dominique Boile – see Leonard Cohen: An Illustrated Record By Mike Evans]

In the biography, Evans explores Cohen’s career in detail and places his literary and musical achievements within the context of his life.

From hypnotising a maid in his teens, through his sexual encounters with Janis Joplin and Joni Mitchell to his drug-fuelled relationship with music producer Phil Spector and his conversion to Buddhist monk in his 60s, Mike Evans illustrates the events that both inspired and underpinned the remarkable body of work that Leonard Cohen continued to produce up until his very last days. The biography is illustrated with over 100 full colour and black and white photographs,

Update: Page Spreads From “Leonard Cohen: An Illustrated Record” By Mike Evans

The press release follows.