“Thanks for the many chuckles, Allan” Leonard Cohen

Thanks for the many chuckles, Allan, and the sometimes embarrassing reminders of past follies. Deeply appreciate your efforts on my behalf. Brilliant work. Better than Drudge. Gratitude and warm regards to you and The Duchess.







Leonard’s words, originally posted on Cohencentric’s first anniversary (March 6, 2016), seem an especially apt entry on this site’s penultimate day of operation,

Cohencentric: Nov 2, 2018

Since March 7, 2015, over 7,700 posts chock-full of information, photos, videos, animations,audio recordings, and humor have been published on Cohencentric. That’s an average of 5.7 posts added to the site each day 365 days a year, including holidays, periods of illness, and moments of lassitude. Not so shabby. And in that time, Cohencentric has accumulated nearly five million (4,899,569, last I checked) hits (i.e., unique views). Definitely not shabby.

20 Replies to ““Thanks for the many chuckles, Allan” Leonard Cohen”

  1. Jill Newton

    Dear Allan
    Once again thank you so much for producing this amazing site. I will miss it and the daily Cohencentric emails so much. It would be a tragedy if all of this wonderfully complied information is lost to most of us forever. I do hope there is some way to access and/or download the archived site. Fingers crossed there’ll be a way and we’ll be hearing from you soon!
    Allan, whatever you need to do, thank you so much for all you have done in keeping so many memories of Leonard alive for so us all and in such a delightful way!
    With all best wishes to you and the Dutchess for a wonderful new freed up phase in your lives and Happy Birthday!

  2. Peter and Lennard

    Hi Allan, we will miss you! Thanks again for everything all those years.
    Peter and Lennard from the Netherlands.

  3. Marcia

    Allan, I had hoped that new-to-me LC info would just keep ‘popping up’ forever and that your archive would always be one click away . . . but I’m coming around to the reality of change.
    I have a question: Will your Specialty Videos, so lovingly created encompassing a lifetime of sights and sounds of Leonard Cohen, remain available on your YouTube channel {Allan Showalter} as they are now?
    That data alone is a mini-cohencentric and could soften our separation anxiety.
    Thank you so much, Allan, for filling my last two years with an astounding treasure trove of information about the life and times of this endlessly fascinating man!
    Be well and successful in all your new endeavors . . .

  4. Mary

    Thanks for all your good work, Alan. Will there be a way to access the site even though you won’t be posting?
    All the best to you and your family. And again, many thanks!

  5. Suzanne Skirhav

    Warm thanks Allan!

    Very grateful to have read anecdotes, photographs and memories of Leonard Cohen´s amazing artistic life ever since. Wish I had known about earlier. Wishing you all the best in life and a great birthday with your wife Penny!

    Best regards Suzanne Skirhav

  6. Pauline

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve done – as others have so ‘replied’!
    Will miss all your ‘postings’ – they’ve really helped dealing with ‘missing’ Leonard !

  7. David Peloquin

    Allan, I have often called you “The Great Connector.” Just speaking for myself, Cohencentric has been a marvelous nexus for the wide and diversified Leonard Cohen world. The information, music, video, photos, analysis you posted was indispensable for any serious Cohenite, but the connections between people that you fostered directly or through your influence is a living, lasting gift. We know who we are, and we are profoundly grateful.

  8. Alan Mawhinney

    The world is changing today.
    Allan, many thanks for your many amusing and thoughtful insights into “Our Man”.
    Mornings just won’t be the same any more – I’m going to have to find some other activity to fill the gap.
    Best wishes to you and your Duchess for the future.
    It has been fun.
    Alan Mawhinney

  9. MargRz


    Thank you so very much for providing a space in which to grieve, to celebrate and to continue to enjoy the phenomenon that was, is, and always will be our LC.

    I loved your writing style! Thoroughly enjoyed your quips and will forever be grateful for getting to the bottom of my symptoms. Cohenphilic personality disorder! Who knew?

    All good things to you and family.


  10. Christineanne

    Thank you for the site – I haven’t visited often but whenever I have, there has always been something amusing/enlightening/informative to look at and think about.

    I wish you and your family all the best for the future


  11. Anne-Marie

    I am sorry to read your last post. On the second anniversary of his death, I come to your site to be reminded and pay hommage to LC. Why take the site down? It has so much to offer. Why not leave it as is and may be in a while you will find more to say or somebody else will contribute.
    I feel the need to read or download all this before access is removed. Can I?

    Thank you for all the work.