So Long, Cohencentric – The Last Dance

This is the final Cohencentric post. It’s been a privilege to have shared Leonard Cohen’s life and work with so many readers.


Credit Due Department: One last thanks to Dominique BOILE, who contributed this pin, originally offered as memorabilia of the May 27, 1988 Leonard Cohen concert at the Grand Rex in Paris. The dancing couple was the logo of the 1988 Tour and the I’m Your Man album promoted by that Tour.

98 Replies to “So Long, Cohencentric – The Last Dance”

  1. Peter Firebrace

    Allan, I never met you, but want to express my thanks to you for your wonderful site, Cohencentric. All that irrepressibly irreverent devotion and days, weeks, months and years of creating and sharing thousands of posts to inform and illuminate Leonard Cohen’s life, music and work have given me a lot of pleasure and a deeper understanding of the man.
    Thank you for all the time you have given to do that. It is much appreciated.
    Good luck with whatever you do next!

    1. Danny Vanaudenhove

      Thank you for sharing Leonard Cohen’s work and life with us Allan, I will miss it so much. Danny

    2. Linnea Martin

      Hi, Allan. I can’t post to your page, so am taking advantage of this opportunity to thank you and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed Cohencentric and its predecessors over the years. Many blessings to you and the Duchess. We’ll see you down the road.

    3. Klaus Offermann

      Leonard Cohen? “I’m his fan”! For folks like me you decided that: “I’m Your Man”.
      And you enhanced my Leonard Cohen experience beyond measure. Thank you for the dance Allan.
      I already miss the music..

    4. Ken Burt

      So Long. All good things must come to an end so new things can begin. Thank you for both. Take care and enjoy life everyone.

  2. Josie calamel

    So sad going to miss your post ,many thanks for sharing my story and be happy .love 🙏🏼🌺

  3. Erin van de Poll

    Dear Allan,
    Having loved Leonard Cohen and his songs for most of my life, it was very hard for me to deal with his death and I still miss him and think of him every day.
    You made it slightly more bare-able by being there every day with the Cohencentric posts, keeping him ‘alive’.
    Thank you so much, for all your hard work and contributions. You have done more for me and no doubt for many others, than you probably realize.
    Wishing you only good things, be healthy and safe,

  4. Steven Hurowitz

    Even though I never communicated with you, I was a voracious reader of your post. I will miss it as well. My inbox will not be the same
    Thanks, good luck and stay well.

  5. Garth Elliot

    Thank you for opening my eyes to a new beauty – the world of Leonard Cohen. Via your efforts I have become a devoted fan of Cohen, the people who worked with him, and you as well. Via con Dios!

  6. Stefano

    How lucky we were to have you sharing Leonard’s life and work with us Allan! You have given me many more reasons to deeply appreciate our man. Thank you for everything.
    All the best 🙏

  7. Marian Wihak

    I signed onto Cohencentric in 2017, mistaking it for a way to get information about tickets for the tribute concert his son was producing in Montreal. It was initially both a chuckle a disappointment when I realized that Cohencentric wouldn’t provide me the information I was seeking but rather, was a relentless stream of detailed, fascinating, gossipy, interesting and also banal details about all things Leonard Cohen, and I will
    confess, many of which I didn’t take time to read.
    That said, as a tremendous admirer of LC’s work and wisdom, I also really enjoyed many many of the postings. I’m glad that this morning, I’ve paid attention enough to find out that today is the final posting of Cohencentric, and want to both thank you for your relentless effort, and to ask if your deep and wide volume of postings will be archived in any accessible way?
    It is a impressive array, and has provided solace since Leonard left the table 24 months ago.
    Thanks for that

    1. Kimberley Burgess

      We’ll said!
      I second that emotion.
      So, illustrious author of the “Cohencentric” Chronicles… Can we anticipate a published hard copy version of these gems in the near future??
      Thank you!

  8. Marie-Pierre Czabak

    Bonjour Allan – merci du coeur – je suis française
    I am greatly appreciative and have been for a long time indebted to you for the magnificent posts, the nuggets of less-known facts which you shared, the fantastic amount of talent, time and energy you put into building a special and quite unique hub of knowledge for us all- Be blessed for all you did and may the future hold wonderful times for you – in gratefulness and respect

  9. Ine Mensink-Jenniskens

    Thank you Allan,
    It has been a privelage to belong to ‘the club’. Thank you for sharing all you know about Leonard Cohen.
    Wish you a happy life with Penny, family and friends.

    Kind Regards and respect,
    Ine Mensink-Jenniskens

    1. Doreen

      Thank you dear Allen for all the posts over the years, absolute devotion on your part to the great man. They will be missed but you need a rest yourself and I’m sure that we all understand that. Enjoy whatever you plan to do now. Love to you, Doreen x

  10. Jutta Judy thompson

    A very sad day for all of us, I will miss you Allan, thank you for everything. We still will have the memories. Good luck for your future endeavors.

  11. Martin Clarke

    Dear Allan, thank you so much for your Cohencentric generosity. You are a rare human being and I wish you good fortune, health and happiness wherever life takes you. Best wishes Martin

  12. Christine

    Allan, what laughter, insights, joy, ponderings you have given to us. I am very grateful for each, for you. Wishing Penny and you deep joy and adventure as the road leads on. May we able to explore old posts for awhile?


    My eyes are soft with sorrow. I guess that’s about it from you. Live long and prosper, Allan. (Oops, sorry, wrong Leonard. Still and all…)

  14. Bill Scholl

    Thank you, Alan! You have been a wonderful assist as Leonard taught so much. I miss you already… much respect and love for you as you continue passing thru!

  15. valerio fiandra

    Questo è il post conclusivo di Allan Showalter per

    Un luogo così gioioso e fecondo, profondo e lieto come mai ne ho conosciuti nella sterminata galassia dei siti dedicati a un artista.

    È stato bello leggerlo, sia per le informazioni di prima mano sia per la collezione di notizie, approfondimenti, analisi e commenti sulla vita e l’opera di Leonard Cohen.

    Ed è – mi perdono per la vanteria – uno fra i miei pochi motivi di pienezza e orgoglio aver avuto l’onore di potervi qualche volta figurare.

    Grazie, Allan. It’s been a joy to read and know you, and him.
    May you be forever granted for the pleasures and the blessings you offered us.

    ( comunque, il Luogo resta dove è, chi non lo conosceva fin qui potrà consultarlo, chi lo amava ritornarci; così è per chi e per ciò che vale, non finisce, mai )

  16. Katarina

    Your posts, stories, and wonderful humor has been an absolute delight to countless fans and enriched our already deep love and reverence for Leonard. I will miss this treasure trove more than words can express. I know the world is ephemeral and all must go at some point, but my weak heart weeps that this immeasurable amount of wit, knowledge and care is to be lost. Deeply hope that you have backed-up all the articles and brilliant quips to cherish always.

  17. Sharon Witt

    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful posts.
    It will be difficult to move on without regular Leonard visits.

  18. Meinir A Titman

    Thank you for all you have done to make this a incredible sight to learn The Good The Sometimes not so Good But all Information I Have loved Reading You will be missed more than you can imagine But Thank you For letting me learn so much about one of the Greatest Poets Singers To Come out of Canada & We as His Followes cannot ty Enough Enjoy Your ztime for you deserve it .

  19. Valerio

    Questo è il post conclusivo di Allan Showalter per

    Un luogo così gioioso e fecondo, profondo e lieto come mai ne ho conosciuti nella sterminata galassia dei siti dedicati a un artista.

    È stato bello leggerlo, sia per le informazioni di prima mano sia per la collezione di notizie, approfondimenti, analisi e commenti sulla vita e l’opera di Leonard Cohen.

    Ed è – mi perdono per la vanteria – uno fra i miei pochi motivi di pienezza e orgoglio aver avuto l’onore di potervi qualche volta figurare.

    Grazie, Allan.

    It has been a joy to read and know you, and him.
    May you forever be granted gratitude for the pleasures and the blessings you offered us.

    ( comunque, il Luogo resta dove è, chi non lo conosceva fin qui potrà consultarlo, chi lo amava ritornarci; così è per chi e per ciò che vale, non finisce, mai )

  20. PAT White

    Thankyou for all of the happiness and wondrous memories that you have shared with all of us!! Isn’t love grand?!!!!
    Pat White

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  22. Heather Yovanoff

    What will we do now? Your posts have been a joy Allan. Utmost gratitude for every single one and for your devotion to the unique and beautiful Leonard. Very best wishes to you and your wife from Greece.

  23. kevin

    Thanks again for the many many years of wonderful LC curation! And all the best for future endeavors!

  24. Danny Vanaudenhove

    Thank you for sharing Leonard Cohen’s work and life with us Allan, I will miss it so much. Danny

  25. Marc

    Dear Alan,

    I cannot thank you sufficiently for your endeavours regarding Leonard and your site. It has sustained me through many a sleepless night the last umpteen years. Whilst its content was doubtlessly Leonard at the very core, it was your loving, dedicated editor’s pick and chisel that rounded off the impression, that put forth the end result. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You have been, for me, Leonard’s public secretary, carrying forth his word and legacy through a labour of Love.

    May all your days be filled with sunshine,


  26. Albert Noonan

    Allan, your daily posts have been a staple in my life for many years now and I will miss them a lot.
    A sincere thank you for all your previous posts and the work you put into them for us all.

  27. Martha Young

    I started with Dr.HGuy and 1HeckofaGuy and ended up here. Over the years I’ve enjoyed your many posts. Leonard Halloween masks , Hank the Cat, the Manual for Living With Defeat, the wonderful tributes to the man. Pictures, quotes, nicknames. What makes a song a Leonard Cohen song and CPD. From the funny to the serious, I’ve enjoyed it all. I found I wasn’t appreciating Leonard all by myself anymore. Thanks for all of the time and effort you have put into this endeavor. How very special you are to have given all of this to us. This site will be missed.

  28. Jerome Taheny

    Thanks Allan, for all your informative posts and entertaining posts on Leonard and life. It will be duller without your regular updates and posts. Best wishes to you and The Duchess.

  29. Christof Graf

    Dear Alan, you know, we are all brothers & sisters in souls in worshipping Leonard Cohen`s Work. I am quite sad about your closing time today but I don t want to hesitate to thank you for all your work you ve done for us. I am sure, this will be not your last dance. Best regards Christof /
    p.s.: and I am grateful that I was allowed to post some photos & words on your wonderful great webpages. Keep on whatever youre doing 🙂
    p.p.s.: … and sorry for the German Accent and bad grammar 🙂

  30. Colin Webb

    Such a brilliant achievement. Your posts will be much missed around the world.

    Colin Webb, Bath UK

  31. Phillada Lecomte

    IT was a wonderful source of memories of our great Leonard done with style and dedication. It will be greatly missed thank you so much Allan . We will keep on his memory within us and carry on his great legacy .

  32. Anjisan

    Dear Allan, many thanks for your extraordinary work! It has been a pleasure to read your posts, so again, many thanks for your informative and always amusing posts. I’ll mis Cohencentric. I hope your decision will free up al lot of time and energy for you and the Duchess and that you guys will enjoy the time ahead. Chapeau!

  33. Garth Elliot


    I think you should at least consider writing a book about Leonard Cohen! You obviously have a great deal of knowledge about the man…and it would further your efforts to spread the good news concerning his work.
    I hope your website will not disappear anytime soon…I am still working my way through the posts you have made….I stored all of them in a mail folder….and am chewing away at them. They are a great blessing for all who delve into them.
    If you decide to “disappear” the website please let us know well in advance!
    All the best in your future endeavours.!

    1. Gillian lomax

      hi Garth, Would you be willing to share the posts that you stored away in a folder? I didnt realise that you cannot go back to the very beginning and found this out too late. i would be so grateful.

  34. Theresa Altieri


    Much appreciation “A thousand thank you’s deep” for your devoted work regarding Leonard Cohen. Viewing this site was a part of my daily routine, always entertaining and informative. Closing this site is another November demise for Leonard and his many fans. However, it is understandable as it is time for you to put your energy into new endeavors. Wishing you and Penny a wonderful life ahead filled with many blessings. Thanks again! You will be missed.

    Terry Altieri

  35. Debra Robins

    I was too late to see him in concert, which saddens me. Many was the time when his voice on a CD was my only company when i worked late in my office. Thank you for providing a space where I could learn about this unique artist and his work. I wish that it too could stay.

  36. Rachel Beldock

    Dear Allan,
    I will miss your presence & this website so very much!! I mean, how else would I have known that the thing on Leonard Cohen’s table was an absinthe fountain?!?! And that is just one among many amazing, amusing, beautiful, touching, tasty pieces of Leonard Cohen’s life & work, with which you have enlightened, entertained, & educated us. Thank you so much for the devotion, time & effort that you have put into this very admirable & wonderful project, which will be remembered & missed forever. I am very sad to see this website vanish, I am sorry I have not thanked you enough in the past, & I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors.
    Much love,

  37. Carolyn Healy

    Allan, Never has a man taken his, shall we say, obsession and shared it more generously with the people similarly affected. Thank you for the hours and energy and love you have poured into this. All good things to you.

  38. E

    Well, all I can say is ‘thanks.’ I’ve been coming here for a long, long time. I’m sad that this is the end, but then again, I’ve been in a perpetual state of sadness since 2016 (and long before that, really). Just one more disappointment to add to the growing list.


  39. Elizabeth Bacon-Smith

    That is an exquisite pin!! 💕 💃 💕
    Allan… Your timing is excruciating!! I don’t have a printer at home, and with my active involvement with the election, I have not had the time to go to the library and make copies of the posts (copy&paste or xerox) that I most want to have to keep.


  40. Jill Newton

    What can I say? It’s been such a pleasure following Cohencentric and Dr Heck over the years. Losing Cohencentric is like losing a friend. I hope we’ll be hearing from you (even a little??) from time to time. Thank you so much for all the joy, laughs and tears you have brought through them.
    All good things to you and the Duchess.

  41. Nicholas Dale

    Thank you for this wonderful site. You will be missed.
    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
    Good Luck.

  42. J Stenson

    To parsphrase a certain octagenarian of limber mind and and open heart, you have given me a chuckle or two over the years and also expanded my mind some. The gargantuan amount of content has been very much appreciatrd by me. The travels, the concerts, the fans, LC’s family, oof, the mind bending hours you spent devising a navigatable filing system, well I think your “retirement” is earned. Certainly you will be missed.

  43. Michele prevost

    Thank you Allan for the amazing years that we spent and shared with you ,day by day …year by year …. the end of a glorious era… filled with Leonard’s words and yours .
    “I’ll never forget you , you know.” And you Will be deeply missed.

  44. Michele prevost

    Thanks for the dance
    Thanks for all the dances
    One two three, one two three,
    One two three , one !

  45. Bill

    Thank you for your extraordinary efforts to make this sire a daily read for me. It has been a great pleasure and an entertaining education in all things Leonard. All the best to you.


  46. Martine

    Thanks so much, Allan.
    I am already lost without this wonderful resource.
    You have done great work, serious, funny and everything else.
    I think it meant more to many people than we can imagine.
    I also hope you will do something with this information treasure. It cannot be lost.
    For me it kept Leonard Cohen alive. And it showed me a lot of wisdom. I loved to see your posts in my mailbox. Thanks for your generous sharing. It lightened up my life.
    I wish you all the best. And hopefully we will hear from you again.

  47. Vickie Coats

    The fact that you are closing so soon after I FINALLY discovered Leonard breaks my heart! But thank you for everything here and the care you have put into it. There is SO much that I still haven’t had a chance to read, not to mention re-read! It can’t be over!

  48. dlaulan

    Thank you so much, my best wishes for the future, you did a great great job, and both leonard and you will be in my heart for ever.

  49. Gerard George Kettel

    Dear Allan, a heartfelt thank you for all the countless moments of L. Cohen related stories, facts and trivia. I had bookmarked quiet a few of them and suddenly, realising that they might just vanish, I spent the night of Nov. 3rd hectically transferring them to pdf files. I think it would be greatly appreciated for many of your readers if there was a downloadable zip file with all or some of the many articles you posted. (Like for ex.) To go back to on sleepless nights at 4 in the morning, late in December or whenever. All the best to you and good luck in further endeavours. Gerard

  50. Lesley Brookman

    One enormous THANK YOU Allan for giving us so much over the years in providing such a gigantic amount of fun and information about our dear Leonard, it almost feels as though he is dying again with the cessation of your infinite site. It will be a great loss and sorely missed.
    Wishing you and your wife many years of happiness.
    I take off my hat to you!
    With love

  51. Mel Joss

    ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem to cover the enormous gratitude in my heart. You have been a staple in my life for years. Your insight, sense of humor and proficient writing skills were all worthy of bringing us into the ‘world of Leonard Cohen’. It’s not a surprise that he held you in such high esteem and loved you. I will miss visiting your site.

  52. Bel

    Our relationship with Leonard found new depth thanks to Cohencentric and the sharing of fascinating Leonard moments. A time that will be remembered with much gratitude and appreciation of the words woven through the wordsmith we love. All the best! x

  53. Ken Burt

    Enjoying every visit to cohencentric in the last days. Brings out a deeper appreciation for all the beauty it has been. Enriching further Leonard’s songs and life. How wonderful to have experienced his music and wisdom, that it was captured so intimately from all the effort Allan has put in. Truly an amazing way to share the person that shared life with us all. Thank you, take care, enjoy life.

  54. Nico Gisolf

    Thank you, Alan, for the daily happy moments all those years in CohenCentric. Although (like most L.C.-adepts I guess) we never met eye-to-eye (I live in the Netherlands) Leonard stayed a part of my life thanks to you. It was always more than a pleasure to read your posts because they gave me much more background-information about Leonard Cohen than I could have gathered by myself in a lifetime!

    It makes me sad to realise that there will be no new supplements to the site but I guess that’s life. I wish you all the best and again I’ll express my thanks for all these fine moments.