Posted on by is the successor to &, two of the best known sites dealing with Leonard Cohen. Indeed, while Cohencentric offers current Cohen World news and other new material, it also hosts content originally published at and The Cohencentric iteration presents news and information about the Canadian singer-songwriter, videos of his performances, analyses of songs and poems, trivia, and – well, some goofy stuff that strikes me as funny.

Cohencentric’s Connection With Leonard Cohen

There is no formal relationship between and Leonard Cohen (or Leonard Cohen’s management or his record label).  Up until his death on Nov 7, 2016, Leonard frequently visited this site (occasionally to compliment a post, sometimes to correct an error) and contributed photos and information. He seemed to like much of what I posted, although it would be easy to mistake his graciousness for approbation. In any case, the opinions expressed here, as the broadcast disclaimer goes, are my own and cannot be attributed to Mr Cohen unless so specified.

I met Leonard Cohen on a handful of occasions because of this blog, and he has answered a batch of queries I have posed to him. I also served for a time as a contributing editor on the official Leonard Cohen Facebook Page.


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