“I was always amused by that reputation [as a ladies’ man] for someone who has spent so many nights alone. These things sort of get into the database, I suppose.” Leonard Cohen

From Leonard Cohen: Love’s Hard Man by Alan Franks (Article first appeared in The Times Magazine on 13 October 2001). Originally posted July 27, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

DrHGuy – Leonard Cohen (And Bruce Springsteen) Bootleg Album Artist

DrHGuy Bootleg Album Art Gallery

DrHGuy can now report that he has been able to supplement his non-compensated blogging with steady employment in the field of non-compensated artwork for bootleg albums.

Atop this post is my own home-brewed graphic created in 2009 for Leonard Cohen Live At Royal Albert Hall 1988, a bootleg available on another site that lacked cover art. It later appeared at Roio – Leonard Cohen – London 1988 with this art.

lclondonfrfThe back cover of the bootleg album, Leonard Cohen – Palais Des Beaux Arts Brussels 4/3/1985 is displayed below.

That background  image featuring  the faces of Anjani and Leonard Cohen is actually a Photoshop creation  DrHGuy put together for the May 18, 2009 1HeckOfAGuy post, Leonard Cohen and Anjani – If It Be Your Will, by combining and altering screen captures from a video of a 1985 Warsaw concert.  The original composite is shown below.

This is, however, only the latest appropriation of DrHGuy’s work to appear on bootlegs.

DrHGuy’s Christmas Gift

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Q: Any younger artists you’re listening to now? Leonard Cohen (2001): “I listen to whatever’s put in front of me: Eminem, Spice Girls, everybody.”

Any younger artists you’re listening to now?

I didn’t get a chance to listen to much up on the mountain [The Mt Baldy Zen Center]. Rufus Wainwright is a good friend of my daughter’s, so I know his work. I listen to whatever’s put in front of me: Eminem, Spice Girls, everybody.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From Leonard Cohen on Becoming a Monk, Why His Opinions Don’t Matter by Mark Binelli. Rolling Stone: Nov 8, 2001.

“Was Leonard Cohen as attractive a man in person as we all think?” The Duchess Q&A


Was Leonard Cohen as attractive a man in person as we all think and, if so, why?

Leonard radiated eroticism without trying. Of course, by the time I met him, decades after his young, handsome troubadour phase, he was old and wrinkled and a little stooped – but still incredibly sexy. What was most attractive about him, however, was his charisma and his heart. He was a gentleman always. My favorite moment of our visit to his home took place shortly after we finished lunch and chatted a while. Leonard took Allan and me into his kitchen to listen to his unreleased Popular Problems album. As Leonard seated us at the table in front of his computer, he asked me if I liked latte, and I admitted I definitely did. A few minutes later he served a cup he had made just for me. I’m convinced if he had gone on tour again, there would have been a “I’ll brew a latte for you” verse added to I’m Your Man.  That’s why he was attractive.


What is on your jukebox and what are favorite books?

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5 Photos: Leonard Cohen & Rebecca De Mornay At 1993 Rock Am Ring Festival

Becky & Lenny – 1993

These five shots of Leonard Cohen and Rebecca De Mornay were taken backstage on May 29, 1993 at the Nürburgring Rock Am Ring Festival, Koblenz, Germany by Christof Graf.

While posting photos of a Canadian singer-songwriter and the co-star of Risky Business taken 25 years ago may not rise to the level of significance of, say, discovering a previously unknown Caravaggio, I maintain they offer an interesting and altogether pleasing divertissement. More posts about Leonard Cohen and Rebecca De Mornay can be found at Leonard and Rebecca.

Note the Leonard Cohen shirt worn by Rebecca De Mornay, visible under her jacket in the photos directly above and below.

Rebecca De Mornay (1993) photos by Christof Graf (taken from Christof`Graf`s Leonard Cohen book Zen & Poetry – The Cohenpedia Series Vol. 1). Thanks to Dominique BOILE, who first alerted me to these photos,

Coming Nov 30, 2018: Zen & Poesie 2 – The Leonard Cohen Lexicon By Christof Graf

Zen & Poesie – Das Leonard Cohen Lexikon Vol 2 will be released Nov 30, 2010

Also see Now Released: Zen & Poesie Vol 1 – The Leonard Cohen Lexicon By Christof Graf

“With Zen & Poesie – Das Leonard Cohen-Lexikon, Christof Graf managed to create a unique encyclopedia of Leonard Cohen’s artistic works” (SaarlÄndischer Rundfunk) and “an, up to date, incomparable Cohenpedia” (Die Rheinpfalz).

Volume 1 includes buzzwords, titles, names and definitions. Volume 2 compliments these with “numbers, data and facts about the Canadian rock poet and master of word and voice, which have never been compiled in this form before.” (Deutschland Radio)

 “Everything that you have always wanted to know about Leonard Cohen, but never dared to ask…” (Rolling Stone 07/2018)

Prof. Dr. Christof Graf, author of six books about Leonard Cohen, blogger (blog.leonardcohen.de) and host of the oldest and most extensive German website www.leonardcohen.de and www.cohenpedia.de, is a “Cohen expert, with over four decades of experience” (Mannheimer Morgen).

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“I had suggested that Harry Belafonte… stop singing calypso and start singing about himself.” Leonard Cohen

Harry Belafonte’s wife, who had been very suspicious about my presence because I had suggested that Harry Belafonte change his show and stop singing calypso and start singing about himself… He’s a very great singer. We were drinking late into the night at the Four Seasons Hotel and I got out this poem [Slowly I Married Her] and I thought he could set it to music. And I don’t know whether it was the vodka or not, but she wept a few tears that sealed the night very nicely.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From Authors with Patrick Watson (CBC: 1980)

Note: While Mr Belafonte passed on putting Slowly I Married Her to music, Lewis Furey took up the challenge.

Authors with Patrick Watson (CBC: 1980)