Playlist: Stream Every Leonard Cohen Album in a 22-Hour Chronological Playlist (1967-2016)

Excerpted from Hallelujah!: You Can Stream Every Leonard Cohen Album in a 22-Hour Chronological Playlist (1967-2016)

Perhaps no one since Thomas Hardy has matched Leonard Cohen in the dogged persistence of literary bleakness. Cohen’s entry into a Zen monastery in 1996 was a “response to a sense of despair that I’ve always had,” he said in an interview that year. Ten years later, Cohen told Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air, “I had a great sense of disorder in my life of chaos, of depression, of distress. And I had no idea where this came from. And the prevailing psychoanalytic explanations at the time didn’t seem to address the things I felt.”

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Photos: Leonard Cohen & The Wellington Waterfront Busker – Jan 16, 2009

Leonard Cohen & The Wellington Waterfront Busker

Leonard Cohen’s 2009 Pacific Tour began with a January 20, 2009 show in Wellington, New Zealand. Photographer Des Pitfield at CVC Studios took these shots of the singer-songwriter taking in the Wellington, New Zealand waterfront on January 16, 2009 and described what he saw:

I watched as Leonard wandered along the Wellington waterfront that day. He was in New Zealand for a concert tour.. There was a busker [seen at the top right quadrant of the 2nd photo] right playing guitar and mouth organ using a small amp. Leonard put some money into his guitar case and I said to my friend I bet that guy has no idea who just gave him a dollar.. he nodded a thank you but kept playing …

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Rare Leonard Cohen Vinyl 45 RPM – Dress Rehearsal Rag & Avalanche

Dominique BOILE writes a succinct explanation of (1) the rarity of this record and his motivation for acquiring it:

For more than forty years I have searched for every vinyl 45 rpm of Leonard Cohen’s songs. I had never seen this one before. So I bought it.

Dominique also notes that is there is no specified side A or side B in this Canadian 45 which features Dress Rehearsal Rag & Avalanche (perfect for parties and sock hops).

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Leonard Cohen On Bob Dylan And Bob Dylan On Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s comment about Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize, “It’s like pinning a medal on Mount Everest for being the highest mountain,” is a notable but hardly exclusive manifestation of the interface between the preeminent bards of contemporary music. Since the 1960s, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan shared what Larry “Ratso” Sloman has called “a relationship of tremendous mutual respect.”

A collection of posts about the interface between Leonard Cohen & Bob Dylan, including their opinions of each other, their interactions, and their occasional differences can be found at ce

Credits: Leonard’s evaluation of Bob Dylan is from a 1994 Q Magazine interview (photo courtesy of Leonard Cohen); Bob Dylan’s assessment of Leonard is from the 2016 New Yorker Leonard Cohen profile by David Remnick (photo by Alberto Cabello via Wikipedia Commons).

Video From Oana Maria Cajal: Leonard Cohen In The Magic Garden Of Hat Productions


For Everything There Is A Season

Oana Maria Cajal, whose evocative, Leonard Cohen-themed videos have been cherished features at Cohencentric and its predecessor sites provides this description of herself:

I am a poet, a playwright, a painter. I believe the poetry created the world. My hobby: Survival! My message is urgent: In the Spotlight of Death, Life shines in its brightest colors. Celebrate! This very second! Right Now!

While her previous videos, reflecting that urgency, have been fast-paced, almost hectic, today’s offering is less dramatically driven but equally intense and compelling.

Leonard Cohen In The Magic Garden Of Hat Productions

Autumn was never more beautiful to our souls, tired of death.
For Balcica and Teo, Oct. 14, Saint-Sauveur.

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