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Romanian Page Views Surge

When this site’s stats showed an impressive increase in page views for a three year old post, I investigated, only to find  that the surge of interest originated almost exclusively from a handful of sites in Romania. Now, 1HeckOfAGuy/Cohencentric has long had loyal readers in Romania, but it has never been what one would call BIG in Romania. Why the spike in Romanian viewers? Well…

It turns out all of the Romanian sites have one common element – the image atop this post.  That graphic varied only in that some had one  superimposed label or another (see below) while others were unmarked.

The Back Story
Featuring Leonard Cohen, Mihaela, Ira Nadel, & DrHGuy

All of the Romanian sites had taken the photo directly from a June 22, 2009 1HeckOfAGuy/Cohencentric entry. [Update: That post is not currently online]

And how was the photo used? This is a screen capture showing the first part of the article (in Google English translation) on Nefiltrat, which is representative of the stories on the other sites: and the other sites claim that, in the words of the headline (again according to Google English translation),

The source quoted is Various Positions by Ira Nadel:

Cohen said in Nadel’s biography that Romanian woman was the only woman in his life was a bust artist that impressive, the rest of his life with all women small breasts.Interestingly, all Nadel said about Cohen that has been a lifetime love women with small breasts, the only exception being Romanian, owner of a prominent bust, as can be seen in the photo.1

One of the sites tried to find Leonard Cohen’s friend: reporters tried to track Romanian, but details about it are quite a few. It seems that this is called Mihaela N. (Cohen Michelle told him, because he could not pronounce Mihaela), that comes from a family of teachers, that is born in a village near Slatina and she emigrated to Greece the mid 70s. She lived in Hydra until the 90s, after which nobody has ever seen. Do not know how she met Cohen, but it is pretty obvious that it was not too hard to conquer, especially because they say it was the absolute irresistible.2

Leonard Cohen: Sexy Women!  Sexy Songs!

As for me, I’m thinking that those Romanians know how to write a headline.

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“I used to be a swan in the Baltic Sea… I came back as a human to sing to you.” Leonard Cohen Talks To Audience, Sings Dance Me To The End Of Love – Copenhagen 1985

Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love
Copenhagen: February 9, 1985
Video from messalina79

Dance Me To The End Of Love is one of the six songs from the February 9, 1985 concert in Copenhagen, Denmark that were broadcast on Danish TV.1  Backing Cohen are Anjani Thomas (vocals and Keyboards), John Crowder (bass), Ron Getman, & Mitch Watkins (guitar), Richard Crooks (drums).

While the visual elements of this video are suboptimal, the audio is quite good. The arrangement differs from that used in the 2008-2013 tours. A bit of banter precedes the performance of the song.

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  1. Diamonds In The Mine []

Leonard Cohen & Irving Layton Discuss The Decline In Their Sexual Interests

I had a lovely moment with Irving [Layton] recently. We were having a smoke and he said, ‘Leonard, have you noticed that you have declined in your sexual interests?’ He’s 89. So I said, ‘I have, Irving.’ He said, ‘I’m relieved to hear that.’ I said, ‘So I take it, Irving, that you also have observed some decline in your own sexual interests.’ He said, ‘Yes, Leonard, I have.’ I said, ‘When did you first begin to notice this decline in your sexual interests?’ He said, ‘Oh, about the age of 16 or 17.’quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Exile on Main Street by Brett Grainger (Elm Street: Nov 2001)

Fiscal Fun – Measuring The 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour In Yankee Dollars

I never asked but I heard you cast your lot along with the poor.
But then I overheard your prayer,
that you be this and nothing more
than just some grateful faithful woman’s favourite singing millionaire,
the patron Saint of envy and the grocer of despair,
working for the Yankee Dollar.

From Field Commander Cohen
By Leonard Cohen


The Pollstar Year End Top 50 Worldwide Tours provides cumulative numbers for gross revenues, ticket sales, etc for concert tours during the period from Jan 1, 2012 to Dec 31, 2012. (Note: Leonard Cohen toured from August 12 to Dec 20 in 2012)

Below is a screen capture (click image to enlarge) that includes the first 17 entries, the 17th of which is one Leonard Cohen.  According to Pollstar, Mr Cohen raked in less than, for example, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Metallica but more than, again, for example,  Radiohead, Barbara Streisand, and Justin Bieber.

Also noteworthy is the “Average Ticket Price” column, which indicates  that Cohen’s average ticket price of $107 is significantly less than Streisand’s $264, Madonna’s $140 and Paul McCartney’s 136.64 and a bit less than Roger Waters ($111) and Jennifer Lopez ($110).  The average price for a concert by the Canadian singer-songwriter, however, exceeds Springsteen ($92) and significantly exceeds the Red Hot Chili Peppers ($61) and the Dave Matthews Band ($56).

The complete list is available at Pollstar Year End Top 50 Worldwide Tours . (Update: No longer online)

Billboard Boxscore

Billboard’s 2012 Concert Boxscore offers interesting reading for those who follow the fiscal fortunes of our favourite singing millionaire, breaking down the cash by “boxscore.”  According to How We Compile The Boxscore Charts by Bob Allen (Billboard: Dec 23, 2006),

A boxscore is a single event by a headliner at a single location, but not necessarily a single performance. If an act plays more than one show at a venue, the totals from all the performances are added together to count as one boxscore. The shows don’t have to be on consecutive nights, but they do need to be part of the same tour, in the same year and with the same on-sale dates.

All five Leonard Cohen August concerts in Ghent, for example,  comprise one boxscore.

Be advised, however, that the consistency is not a hobgoblin that plagues Billboard Boxscores. Various  promoters, for example, may report data differently so comparisons are difficult.

From How We Compile The Boxscore Charts by Bob Allen (Billboard: Dec 23, 2006)

… Box-office data that is reported throughout the year comes primarily from concert promoters and concert venues. The data Billboard receives includes the box-office gross, number of tickets sold, tickets available for sale, ticket prices, promoters of the show, number of performances, venue and show dates.

All the box-office data collected during the chart year is used to compile the year-end touring charts. Most data comes from North American venues, but the year-end charts are not limited to just U.S. and Canadian totals. All boxscores reported worldwide are included in these tallies.

The graphic below (click on image to enlarge) is a screen capture of the first six concert series at given venues listed. The first Leonard Cohen entry in the list is, not so coincidentally, #6.

The compete list, including 26 separate Leonard Cohen Boxscores is accessible at Billboard Current BoxScore. (Update: No longer online)

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“If you look at that Sermon on the Mount, no-one has really carried that out… ‘Blessed are the poor, the downtrodden…’ I tried to say that, ‘There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.'” Leonard Cohen

From Interview With Leonard Cohen. France- Inter, October 6, 1997.Transcription Of The Radio Program Synergie With Jean-Luc Esse And Leonard Cohen. Translated From French By Nick Halliwell, UK. Found at LeonardCohenFiles.

Hear Complete Apr 17, 2009 Leonard Cohen Coachella Show


Leonard Cohen – Live at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (2009) – Full Concert. – Dance Me To The End Of Love – The Future – Ain’t No Cure For Love – Bird On The Wire – Everybody Knows – Who By Fire – First We Take Manhattan – Hallelujah – I’m Your Man – Democracy

Video from Boogie Street

“Everything that you did had to be something that was unique &… complemented this very unique, fragile music that Leonard was doing.” Charlie Daniels On Playing Fiddle For Leonard Cohen

When I think of Leonard’s music, I think of it as very, very fragile. I’d never been around that kind of music before, that everything that you did had to be something that was unique and that it complemented this very unique, fragile music that Leonard was doing.quotedown2

Charlie Daniels


Daniels, Cohen Formed Unique Bond by Jeffrey Ougler (Ifpress: Sept 9, 2010).

Charlie Daniels played fiddle on the 1970 Leonard Cohen Tour and played bass on the Songs From A Room (1969) and Songs Of Love And Hate (1971) albums.