Hear Leonard Cohen Read From Beautiful Losers


You plagued me like the moon. I knew you were bound by old laws of suffering and obscurity. I am fearful of the cripple’s wisdom. A pair of crutches, a grotesque limp can ruin a stroll which I begin in a new suit, clean-shaven, whistling. I envied you the certainty that you would amount to nothing. I coveted the magic of torn clothes. I was jealous of the terrors I constructed for you but could not tremble before myself. I was never drunk enough, never poor enough, never rich enough. All this hurts, perhaps it hurts enough. It makes me want to cry out for comfort. It makes me stretch my hands out horizontally. Yes, I long to be President of the new Republic. I love to hear the armed teenagers chant my name outside the hospital gates. Long live the Revolution! Let me be President for my last thirty days.

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Leonard Cohen Labels His Declaration That “There is only one achievement in life, and that’s the acceptance of your lot” An Oversimplification


Kristine McKenna: I asked Leonard Cohen, “What’s your idea of an important achievement?”

There is only one achievement in life, and that’s the acceptance of your lot.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From Certain Age by Ottessa Moshfegh & Kristine McKenna (Harper’s: April 2016)

Not So Fast

At a later date, Kristine McKenna asked Leonard about his response.

acceptFrom Eight Hours To Harry, Kristine McKenna (KCRW: Oct 1988)

Dominique Issermann’s Exes Featured In Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man Lyrics

If you want a boxer
I will step into the ring for you
And if you want a doctor
I’ll examine every inch of you

From I’m Your Man
By Leonard Cohen

It turns out that not only is Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man album dedicated to Dominique Issermann but the title song is also populated by men from Dominique’s life.

Don’t tell me that saying ‘I’m Your Man’ is a complicated thing, but who said it before and like [Leonard Cohen]? I can tell an anecdote that will make him laugh if he reads it. In this song, all the men who are mentioned are friends of mine, maybe exes more or less… ‘If I wanna be a boxer:’ I had a boyfriend boxer; ‘If I wanna be a doctor:’ another was a doctor… We laughed a lot at that.quotedown2

Dominique Issermann

From Ma vie avec Leonard Cohen : “Je l’ai entendu travailler deux ans sur ‘Hallelujah'” par François Armanet et Bernard Loupias (L’Obs: Nov 11, 2016). Interview originally published in “Le Nouvel Observateur” of January 26, 2012. Thanks to Coco Éclair for the French to English translation.

Thanks go to Cohencentric viewer, Uli, who, accompanied by her Swiss sidekick, attended the 2009 Leonard Cohen Colmar Concert where she shot the stellar photo of Leonard Cohen wearing boxing gloves and a stethoscope that were flung onto the stage during his performance of I’m Your Man.

Leonard Cohen’s Words On Songwriting Influence Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner On Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino Album

Arctic Monkeys released their sixth album on Friday (May 11), which features a shift in sound and lyrical approach from the Sheffield band… Asked how he felt about people pulling one or two lines out of each song and them losing their context, Turner replied:

I think I saw Leonard Cohen talking about writing and that idea if you pull out one thing from one his songs, you’re gonna be like, ‘What is he on about?’ But in the context of everything, I feel like you know exactly where he’s coming from, especially with a writer like him – you’re right there with him as you listen to a song of his in its entirety or a record. Hearing him talk about that idea of pulling one thing out and it not making much sense is definitely something that spurred me on to approaching this record in that way and not be so concerned with making the thing be about whatever it’s about.quotedown2

Alex Turner

Excerpted from Alex Turner says hearing Leonard Cohen talk about songwriting ‘spurred him on’ to write ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’ by Rhian Daly (NME:

Photos: End Of 2013 Leonard Cohen North American Tour Celebration – St. John’s, NL

From Leonard Cohen Facebook page

End of North American tour celebration, St. John’s, NL. L to R. front: Hattie, Charley, Nikki, Sharon, Kezban; back: Paul and Ryan. Photo & caption from Sharon Robinson Facebook page

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Leonard Cohen Concert Tickets Collection

A Leonard Cohen concert ticket, surely the most common souvenir owned by Cohenites, are a mixed bag. Some are utilitarian slips of paper manufactured by the low cost bidder. Others are quite handsome. Some are historically noteworthy: that Ludwigshafen ticket, for example, led to the discovery of a previously undocumented Oct 16, 1974 Leonard Cohen show. Certain rare tickets hold allure to collectors.

And, of course, many tickets hold special significance to the owners, The ticket for the May 25, 1993 Leonard Cohen concert at the Tempodrom in Berlin is described by Sylvia Apfelbaum as emblematic of “where it all started,” the beginning of her fascination with the work of the Canadian singer-songwriter. The 2009 Rosemont (Chicago) ticket atop this post is mine, a reminder of the first time I met Leonard face-to-face.

Now, Dominique BOILE, whose collection includes 30+ passes to Leonard Cohen concert, has suggested that a comprehensive fans’ collection of these tickets might be of interest. So…

The Leonard Cohen Ticket Collection

The goal of this post is what researchers call a proof of concept – a demonstration, the purpose of which is to verify that a certain concept has the potential for real-world application. In this case, the concept is that such a collection of Leonard Cohen concert tickets would prove valuable and enlightening. Toward that end, we’re inviting readers to send in scans or photos of their Leonard Cohen concert tickets to Please enter “Leonard Cohen Tickets” in the Subject Line. We also invite you to add a brief note if the tickets or the show itself holds special meaning.

The goal is to put together a collection for posting and possibly publication.

Be aware that any tickets and information you send may be posted at Cohencentric.com or published elsewhere. Each ticket will include a credit; if you do not wish your real name used, please indicate an acceptable alias. The credits will not include other identifying data, such as email or postal addresses.