The Leonard Cohen Mic Drop Variation


The Mic Drop

The mic drop, intentionally dropping or throwing the microphone on the floor after an especially impressive (by the entertainer’s own assessment) performance has been the go-to stage exit for rappers and comedians since the 1980s and has subsequently become a cultural meme employed by – well, just about anyone who somehow finds himself or herself endowed with a microphone and an audience. Heck, President Obama dropped the mic in a 2013 comedy bit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last year.

In this animated gif, Kanye West demonstrates his version of the classic mic drop at the completion of his performance at the 2012 BET Awards.

The Leonard Cohen Mic Drop

Leonard Cohen, of course, has developed his own signature mic drop. The animation below shows how he ended his 2012 Denver show.


Credit Due Department: Image atop this post by Robert Bejil. The Kayne West animation was found at Giphy.

Originally posted July 26, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen Animation: It Wasn’t Just Popsicles That Leonard Licked


Not Popsicle

Source: Bird On A Wire documentary.

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Leonard Cohen Animation: Dino Soldo Fires Up Crowd


Dino Soldo was not only Leonard Cohen’s “Master Of Wind;” he was also the “Caliph Of Clapping.” To rev up the audience in anticipation of First We Take Manhattan, he would perform his signature above-the-head clapping. While Javier Mas and Bob Metzger would contribute as well, it was Dino who was the most emphatic. This animation depicts his efforts at the August 1, 2010 Sligo show as recorded by Albert Noonan.

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