Cohencentric Surpasses 3,500,000 Hits

Well, I missed another statistical landmark (I also overlooked passing 3,000,000 hits; see this Aug 4, 2017 post). This morning, a reader let me know by email that, according to the stats counter in the left sidebar, Cohencentric passed a milestone sometime during over the last day or two. In the 2 years & 8 months since Cohencentric published its first post on March 7, 2015,1 this site has garnered more than 3,500,000 unique page views.2 This count does not include Cohencentric’s affiliated YouTube videos, Facebook Page, Twitter account, nor, of course, the hits garnered by Cohencentric’s predecessors, and during their many years of operation.

Given that Cohencentric has offered articles featuring not only Leonard’s concerts, albums, and honors but also esoterica such as Leonard changing a single word in his lyrics, Leonard’s two or three year stint as a vegetarian, a list of 351 of Leonard’s nicknames, and alternative cover art for the You Want It Darker album, it is clear that these hits reflect the intensity of interest in Leonard Cohen, even a year after his death, by a huge number of fans.

Thank you.

Cohencentric Post #1: March 7, 2015

Welcome To
Leonard Cohen & DrHGuy Are Back In The Cyberhood

The source video for the animation is the 2013 Leonard Cohen Lucca soundcheck video by 30gallina72, aka Szilvia Szanto .View more animated gifs at Leonard Cohen Animations


  1. Blogs are programmed to post chronologically, the most recent posts appearing first. Because some entries from Cohencentric’s predecessors, and, have been published with their original posting dates, some posts may appear to have been published earlier than March 7, 2015. []
  2. OK, that count is a tad low; the statistical counter was dysfunctional for a couple of weeks []

The Internet’s Largest – And Only – Curated Collection Of Leonard Cohen Animations

The Leonard Cohen Animations Gallery

OK, this is the only designated collection of Cohen-associated animated gifs on the internet at the time of posting. Still, Cohencentric does offer a bunch of these things.1


The collection was originally put together as one of the treats for the 2013 Leonard Cohen European Tour Advent Calendar, but unlike many facilities erected for the Olympics and World Fairs, this gallery remains functional.


Many entries – and all animations in this post – are DrHGuy constructs.  Some are from Joey Carenza,. Whatever is known of the origin of the animations is given in the description.


The gallery can be accessed at Leonard Cohen Animations


  1. There is, as far as I can determine, no collective noun for a group of animated gifs. Not one to ignore the absence of an obviously useful term, I have considered the issue and, despite the merits of a repetition of gifs and a recurrence of gifs, have determined that a movement of gifs offers the best name for the aforementioned bunch of animated gifs. []