More Leonard Cohen Favourite Games – Unified Heart Touring Company Teammates

olyCohencentric published a three-part survey of Leonard Cohen’s sports (see The Favourite Games Of Leonard Cohen: Part 1, Part 2. and Part 3) to commemorate the Rio 2016 Olympics, Now, we offer a few examples of athletic efforts by the folks who work with Leonard.

The Webb Sisters – Gymnastics


Roscoe Beck – Tandem Dancing Partner


Sharon Robinson & The Webb Sisters – (Very) Freestyle Dancing


Jennifer Warnes & Sharon Robinson – Duet Floor Exercises


The Webb Sisters – Synchronized Nordic Skiing


Rafael Gayol – Javelin Throw

Note the unorthodox over the shoulder style


Leonard Cohen Animation: “If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash”


OK, this may not be exactly the poetry = ash metaphor Leonard Cohen had in mind when he commented to an interviewer, “Poetry is just the evidence of a life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash,”1 but there is a certain resonance to this animated juxtaposition of a young Leonard Cohen smoking and blackening pages.

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  1. Songs Sacred and Profane by Ira Mothner. Look: June 10, 1969 []