Tauranga, New Zealand Leonard Cohen Mural


Internationally recognised mural artist Graham “Mr G” Hoete has created what could be a New Zealand first – and it’s located in residential Tauranga. Over the course of two days last week, Hoete spray-painted a portrait of Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen. What made the realistic piece so different was it was painted on the outside of a residential home in Otūmoetai for everyone to see.

This excerpt is from Mural artist Mr G paints portrait of Leonard Cohen on Tauranga house by Scott Yeoman (NZ Herald: July 3, 2018), which has more information and photos. Thanks to the half-dozen readers who alerted me to this mural.

Video From Oana Maria Cajal: If I Didn’t Have Your Love – Dedicated To Leonard Cohen, Love And Salvation

Oana Maria Cajal, whose evocative, Leonard Cohen-themed videos have been cherished features at Cohencentric and its predecessor sites, offers this Picto Video dedicated to Leonard, Love and Salvation.

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Montreal Street Art: Leonard Cohen and Marie-Josephe Angelique

Located on side wall of Lloydie’s on St Viateur

Thanks to Mimi Lela

Leonard Cohen Inspires Film: Death Of A Ladies’ Man

It is reported that Gabriel Byrne is to star in Death of a Ladies’ Man, a new drama that takes its title from the Leonard Cohen song and album of the same name, and which is inspired by the late music legend’s work. The Sunday Times reports that the film, an Irish-Canadian co-production, tells the story of a wayward Irish academic living in Canada who is diagnosed with a brain tumour as his second marriage is coming to an end. Returning to Ireland to finally write his novel, the professor falls in love again. Death of a Ladies’ Man is set to feature several of Cohen’s songs and he is said to have given his blessing to the film before his death in November 2016.

From He’s your man. Gabriel Byrne for Leonard Cohen-inspired film (RTE: Feb 25 2018). The entire article is available at the link.

Engravings On Unwritten Snow / Seven / For Leonard Cohen / Montreal / Feb 18, 2018

Introduction: Oana Maria Cajal, whose graphics and videos inspired by Leonard Cohen are familiar to this site’s ongoing readers, is publishing Engravings On Unwritten Snow, a series of Poems and Picto-Impulses dedicated to the Canadian singer-songwriter. The above image and the following poem constitute the seventh and final entry of this series.

Oana Maria Cajal writes:

This is the last of SEVEN ENGRAVINGS ON UNWRITTEN SNOW series, written in Montréal for Leonard Cohen, our great professor of The Holy and The Broken.

They were created, one every 7 days, to represent symbolically a poetical and graphic menorah. My tribute to Leonard, forever in remembrance of his endless love, enduring beacon of salvation in our hour of despair.

Engravings On Unwritten Snow / Seven
For Leonard Cohen

The century before yesterday,
She was waiting for you
On the frozen Quai
Of Effaced Conclusions,
She was waiting on a blank page
For the last draft of your illusions
Suddenly, the sacred ink
Covered the full face of the moon
You were once again lovers and slaves
In the fleeting kiss of the rain,
Your eyes foggy with verses
She, faraway in her tunnel of pain
The crack in everything
Is now healing dark wounds,
Your light is gently getting in,
Your singing silence below
Is burning lastly engravings
On the unwritten snow

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