Leonard Cohen On Cover Of Le Montréaler

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Pour un illustrateur, faire la page couverture du «New Yorker» est une consécration, la reconnaissance suprême de son travail. Une cinquantaine d’artistes québécois ont pu réaliser ce rêve par procuration en concevant la une d’un magazine fictif pour l’exposition Le Montréaler, qui se veut autant un hommage à la prestigieuse revue qu’à la métropole du Québec. Alain Reno, lui, s’est inspiré de l’imaginaire des couvertures du «New Yorker» pour concevoir la sienne, sur laquelle on peut voir Leonard Cohen appuyé contre une vieille voiture devant le Gibeau Orange Julep. #thenewyorker #lemontréaler #newyorker #montréaler #mtl #leonardcohen #orangejulep @newyorkermag . ✏️ Alain Reno

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Caption via Google Translate:

For an illustrator, making the cover of the “New Yorker” is a consecration, the supreme recognition of his work. Fifty or so Quebec artists were able to realize this dream by proxy by designing one of a fictional magazine for the exhibition Le Montréaler, which is as much a tribute to the prestigious magazine as the metropolis of Quebec.

Alain Reno was inspired by the imaginary cover of the “New Yorker” to design his own, on which we can see Leonard Cohen leaning against an old car in front of Gibeau Orange Julep.

Le Montréaler is a fictional magazine created in homage to The New Yorker. Alain Reno’s cover design features a way cool Leonard Cohen in a pose reminiscent of that shown in this Nov 1980 photo taken by Alberto Manzano.

Video From Oana Maria Cajal: Leonard Cohen In The Magic Garden Of Hat Productions


For Everything There Is A Season

Oana Maria Cajal, whose evocative, Leonard Cohen-themed videos have been cherished features at Cohencentric and its predecessor sites provides this description of herself:

I am a poet, a playwright, a painter. I believe the poetry created the world. My hobby: Survival! My message is urgent: In the Spotlight of Death, Life shines in its brightest colors. Celebrate! This very second! Right Now!

While her previous videos, reflecting that urgency, have been fast-paced, almost hectic, today’s offering is less dramatically driven but equally intense and compelling.

Leonard Cohen In The Magic Garden Of Hat Productions

Autumn was never more beautiful to our souls, tired of death.
For Balcica and Teo, Oct. 14, Saint-Sauveur.

Posts featuring work by this artist are collected at . Originally posted Oct 18, 2013 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Kara Blake – The Offerings: Trailer Video For MAC Leonard Cohen Exhibition

Montreal filmmaker Kara Blake, at the invitation of the MAC, will create a new immersive video installation, The Offerings, that will bring Cohen’s working methodologies to life through archival footage and the songwriter’s voice.

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Now Appearing At Clocktower Quay in Montreal: Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne

Cité Mémoire presents a video commemoration of Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne every night at Clocktower Quay in Montreal. Clips are shown in the video below. More information at Cité Mémoire

Thanks to Mimi Lela, who alerted me to this event and contributed the photo atop this post.

“I really loved thinking about him celebrating this new journey by dancing around in the clouds and … playing around with all the weird and cool stuff you could probably do, once you ‘cross over’ into another plane.” Christopher Mills On Making The Leonard Cohen-Leaving the Table Video

“I really loved thinking about him celebrating this new journey by dancing around in the clouds, and visiting his old haunts, playing around with all the weird and cool stuff you could probably do, once you ‘cross over’ into another plane. It just kind of made me warm inside to take this song, which could be about passing on to another place, and figuring out what it could look like in a world of lightness, new adventures, and whatever great memory you could come up with. I mean – I’d watch that channel…”

Watch Leonard Cohen’s Posthumous Music Video ‘Leaving The Table’ by Karen Bliss (Billboard: 9/19/2017) offers information about the making of the Leonard Cohen – Leaving the Table video that premiered at the Sept 18, 2017 Polaris Music Prize Gala.

New & Improved: A 21st Century Modesty Cover For Leonard Cohen’s New Skin For The Old Ceremony

An Immediate Collector’s Item

Since publshing Leonard Cohen’s New Skin For The Old Ceremony: The Cover Art Cover-Up, the definitive examination of alternative cover art used in various countries to protect the public from the (nonexistent) genitals of the angelic figures adorning the front of Leonard Cohen’s New Skin For The Old Ceremony album, this site has posted actual modesty covers featuring third wings, surgically adjusted limbs, and photos of Leonard Cohen to hide the nasty bits of the original image shown below.

DrHGuy, in his never-ending quest to bring New & Improved versions of Mr Cohen’s merchandise to market, now contributes the updated (2008 to present) Cohenesque modesty cover on view atop this post for the next re-release of this album (click on images for best viewing).

The pertinent alteration is more easily seen in the closeup below.

You’re welcome.

For other New & Improved merchandise (shirts, caps, clocks, bobbleheads, & more), lyrics, concert formats … see Leonard Cohen – New & Improved

Note: Originally posted Apr 1, 2014 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric