Video From Reimagined New Skin for the Old Ceremony: Leonard Cohen’s “There Is A War”

thereiswaLinda Sturgess discovered the video of Leonard Cohen’s “There Is A War” commissioned in 2010 by Lorca Cohen and Darin Klein as part of a reimagined version of Leonard Cohen’s 1974 album New Skin for the Old Ceremony. For more about this project, see Reimagined New Skin for the Old Ceremony Opens At MoMA April 14, 2011

There Is a War – Leonard Cohen
Music video by Lily Lanken and Sylvan Lanken.
Video uploaded by sylvan lanken

Note: Originally posted June 10, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video: MAC and Jenny Holzer To Illuminate Montreal’s Silo No 5 With Leonard Cohen’s Words


The official press release from the MAC follows:

Montréal, January 18, 2017 – The MAC is pleased to announce the participation of world-renowned visual artist Jenny Holzer in the Leonard Cohen – Une brèche en toute chose / A Crack in Everything exhibition. The Musée also unveils a new partnership with CBC / Radio-Canada that will offer visitors a rich and innovative experience. By working together, the two organizations will celebrate Leonard Cohen’s body of work while extending and broadening the reach of the exhibition, which is presented as part of the official program of the festivities for Montréal’s 375th anniversary.

First visual artist announced

Jenny Holzer is the first visual artist to be announced by the MAC for the Leonard Cohen exhibition. She will join the ranks of the previously announced musicians, namely Lou Doillon, Jean Leloup and Ariane Moffatt. The eagerly awaited exhibition is co-curated by John Zeppetelli and Victor Shiffman as part of the official programming for Montréal’s 375th anniversary. Created exclusively for the MAC, the exhibit will offer the public a collection of brand-new works commissioned from and created by some 25 local and international artists from various disciplines such as the visual arts, performance art, music, the written word and film.

Silo No. 5 illuminated in Leonard Cohen’s honour

Video Of “The First Images Of The Projections”
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Hear “Gold” Movie Title Track, Crafted By Iggy Pop & Danger Mouse As “A Leonard Cohen Kind Of Thing”

“The song needed a singer who was more conversational and more subtle and so I immediately thought of a delivery of something like a Leonard Cohen kind of thing,” he explains. Tellingly, Pop came around to the same idea before Danger Mouse could explain it himself.

From Iggy Pop And Danger Mouse Strike ‘Gold’ With Daniel Pemberton’s Avante-Garde Score For McConaughey Thriller by Matt Grobar (Deadline: January 3, 2017)

Iggy Pop and Leonard Cohen did hang out together on occasion. More posts about the two of them can be found at

Iggy Pop – Gold
Produced by: Danger Mouse
From the “Gold” Motion Picture Soundtrack

Leonard Cohen Featured At Daily Illustration And Inspiration

Video: Tony Palmer Talks About Making – And Rediscovering – Bird On A Wire Leonard Cohen Documentary

bwireFrom An Intimate Portrait Of Leonard Cohen  After 38 years, filmmaker Tony Palmer has rediscovered and reconstructed a documentary he made while on tour with Leonard Cohen in the 1970s.

An in depth interview with Tony Palmer about this film is available at Hear Superb Tony Palmer Interview: Leonard Cohen & Bird On A Wire Film


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Picturing Leonard Cohen’s Work: Ilustrisimo Sr. Cohen By Alberto Manzano

9788492891177_p0_v1_s1200x630Leonard Cohen’s music and poems have inspired many artists to create work that is emblematic of his work. Ilustrisimo Sr. Cohen – 24 Canciones de Leonard Cohen ilustradas by Alberto Manzano (Spain: 2011) is a collection of 24 paintings, each inspired by a Leonard Cohen song. Eight artists contributed to this project. Images by six of these artists plus four others not associated with the book may be viewed at 10 artistas ilustran a Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen – Not Just Another Snowman (It Takes A Special Sort Of Poet-Singer-Songwriter-Icon To Appreciate This Stuff)

lcsnoqAfter decorating his Los Angeles home with holiday lights, Leonard Cohen serenades his neighbors with traditional Christmas carols. Asked about the significance of the lighted figure on the wall behind him, Cohen lyrically replied, “It’s just another snowman.”

In 2013, I published my spoof of a Leonard Cohen publicity photo (shown atop this post) along with the bogus caption at (a predecessor of Cohencentric).

A few hours later, I found this in the Comments section:

Comment: Leonard Cohen

December 22, 2013 at 11:21 pm

this is great

may i use it as my christmas card?

love and gratitude

to you and the Duchess


Is he a heck of a guy or what?

Photos That Should Have Been: Leonard Cohen Visits Set Of Fraggle Rock 1983


Cohencentric’s Leonard Cohen Fake Photos Encore: Many of my Leonard Cohen fake photos are showing up on Facebook, Tumblr, and other online platforms, often without attribution or explanation, leading to me being accused, in absentia, of misleading viewers. I’m republishing some of these images – along with the posts with which they were associated. This post was first published at Cohencentric on Jan 25, 2015 and on Nov 6, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric. Note the title, “Photos That Should Have Been,” and the subtitle “Real Event – Fake Photo,” identify this as a fake.

Real Event – Fake Photo

Excerpt from Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man by Sylvie Simmons: