Oana Cajal’s “So Long, Leonard” Video: You Want It Darker By Leonard Cohen


Oana Cajal writes:

This video is an expression of our endless love for LC, the Master Reconciliator of Man and his paradoxical, mysterious shadow.
It’s the crack in the wall of our dark times and growing despair.
It’s a sacred tear of infinite sorrow and vibrant hope.
It’s our grief of losing Leonard and our joy of having been touched by his conjuring
faith in the beauty of human imperfections.
It’s our prayer that the voice of God welcomed Leonard in the heaven of flawless verse
and allowed him to serve in the blessed garden of forgiveness.
But, to quote him, “That’s getting too heavy. I’m sorry. Strike that!”
So long Leonard…

Oana and Stefan Cajal’s evocative, Leonard Cohen-themed videos have been cherished features at Cohencentric. All Cajal videos can be found at Oana Maria Cajal.

Leonard Cohen’s Democracy Lyrics Featured In “The Sorrow In The Street” By Trent Miller

Update: “The Sorrow In The Street” By Trent Miller Featuring Leonard Cohen’s Democracy Lyrics Printed In Today’s Cap Times

Cultural Icon Leonard Cohen Portrayed In Iconic Style


Reading a biography of Leonard Cohen inspired Cecelia Fuentes to create a portrait of the Canadian singer-songwriter in the Byzantine style of iconography. Cecelia writes

My reason for putting contemporary people like Leonard in an icon is to show the Divinity that is within all of us. I have been studying traditional Byzantine iconography for several years but my intention has always been to include everyday people in my work.

Cecelia explains that the script on the bottom reads “Lord Of Song” in English words transposed into Greek alphabetic characters. The icon was painted in the traditional manner using egg tempera on a gesso board with linen backing and gold leaf.

Farewell Marianne – Picto-Tribute & Video: “So Long Marianne, Invocation Of The Muse”


A beautiful, gracious, eternal woman

Leonard Cohen

So long Marianne
You, infinite light
infinite smile,
infinite longing…
From Oana and Stefan Cajal

This video was originally posted Aug 22, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric, as the second in a trilogy of videos celebrating the 80th birthday of Leonard Cohen.The following text is from the earlier posting:

“Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.” F.Scott Fitzgerald

The visuals in So Long Marianne are my graphic art confessions about the dream and madness of youth. Paradigms of Essential Longing, conjuring Leonard Cohen’s beloved memories of his enchanted Island of Love and Inspired Verse.

They are Incantation Postcards to Leonard Cohen’s Youth, to my Youth, to your Youth, to everybody’s Youth.

I wish that, in our present world darkened by senseless pain and despair, Leonard Cohen ‘s message of love and empathy will travel far and bring a ray of light to those thirsty for beauty and hope.

I hear from across Time, the voice of W.B.Yeats telling me: “Take, if you must, this little Bag of Dreams, Unloose the cord and they would wrap You round”

Video: “So Long Marianne, Invocation Of The Muse”
Video by oana maria cajal