Oana Cajal’s “So Long, Leonard” Video: You Want It Darker By Leonard Cohen


Oana Cajal writes:

This video is an expression of our endless love for LC, the Master Reconciliator of Man and his paradoxical, mysterious shadow.
It’s the crack in the wall of our dark times and growing despair.
It’s a sacred tear of infinite sorrow and vibrant hope.
It’s our grief of losing Leonard and our joy of having been touched by his conjuring
faith in the beauty of human imperfections.
It’s our prayer that the voice of God welcomed Leonard in the heaven of flawless verse
and allowed him to serve in the blessed garden of forgiveness.
But, to quote him, “That’s getting too heavy. I’m sorry. Strike that!”
So long Leonard…

Oana and Stefan Cajal’s evocative, Leonard Cohen-themed videos have been cherished features at Cohencentric. All Cajal videos can be found at Oana Maria Cajal.

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