“Leonard Cohen – The Flame” Facebook Group Opens

Those looking forward to the publication of Leonard Cohen’s final book, The Flame, may well be interested in a Facebook group about that volume initiated by Marie of Speaking Cohen:

I’ve opened a Facebook group, Leonard Cohen – The Flame, dedicated to Leonard’s last book of poetry. Besides discussion of the book, there will be info about versions in other languages, promotional material and info on launch parties. Be aware however, there will be spoilers as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/973264522845310

Also check out the updated Speaking Cohen.com site.

The Favorite Game & Beautiful Losers By Leonard Cohen Released On Audio CD

Beautiful Losers By Leonard Cohen

Amazon (French Site)

Publisher: Blackstone Pub; Edition: Unabridged (May 29, 2018)
English language
ISBN-10: 1538548712
ISBN-13: 978-1538548714

The Favorite Game By Leonard Cohen

Amazon (French Site)

Publisher: Blackstone Pub; Edition: Unabridged (June 26, 2018)
English language
ISBN-10: 1538548631
ISBN-13: 978-1538548639

Thanks to Dominique BOILE, who alerted me to these publications

Leonard Cohen Photos Used On First Editions Of Energy Of Slaves

Dominique BOILE offers these portraits of Leonard Cohen used as cover art for The Energy Of Slaves. The photo atop this post is the back cover of the English paperback edition (Jonathan Cape 1972).

The image immediately below is found on the back cover of the first UK edition of Energy Of Slaves by Leonard Cohen (1972 – Jonathan Cape Ltd, London).

Below is the cover from he first Canadian edition of Energy Of Slaves by Leonard Cohen (1972 – McClelland And Stewart Ltd., Toronto). This photo, taken by Suzanne Elrod in Mexico in 1972 was also used for the cover of the Leonard Cohen: Live Songs album.

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Leonard Cohen’s Poetry Books To Be Reissued October 2, 2018

To mark the publication of Leonard Cohen’s final book, The Flame, McClelland & Stewart is proud to reissue six beautiful editions of Cohen’s cherished early works of poetry, many of which are back in print for the first time in decades.

A freshly packaged new series for devoted Leonard Cohen fans and those who wish to discover one of the world’s most adored and celebrated writers.

Release Date: Oct 2, 2018.

From Amazon

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From Iran: Ketabe Eshtiagh – The Farsi Translation Of Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing

I am taken with the cover design of this translation of Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen with the Persian script of the title set against the “Bird On A Wire” graphic. Dominique BOILE has forwarded not only scans of the front and back cover of the actual book from his private collection but also information about it:

The volume is a Farsi translation by Ehsan Mohtadi of 100 Leonard Cohen poems, most of which are from Book Of Longing with a few collected from other works. The publisher, Nashri Cheshmeh Publications (Tehran),  brought out a first edition of 1500 copies in 2011.

According to the seller’s description,

This is an official publication which means it was cleared by the heavy censorship of Islamic Republic. Leonard Cohen’s music and poetry has a cult following in Iran but sadly almost all of his work have not been able to see the light in Iran. His music is available as bootleg. This is a rare book that got away!

Hear Leonard Cohen Read From Beautiful Losers


You plagued me like the moon. I knew you were bound by old laws of suffering and obscurity. I am fearful of the cripple’s wisdom. A pair of crutches, a grotesque limp can ruin a stroll which I begin in a new suit, clean-shaven, whistling. I envied you the certainty that you would amount to nothing. I coveted the magic of torn clothes. I was jealous of the terrors I constructed for you but could not tremble before myself. I was never drunk enough, never poor enough, never rich enough. All this hurts, perhaps it hurts enough. It makes me want to cry out for comfort. It makes me stretch my hands out horizontally. Yes, I long to be President of the new Republic. I love to hear the armed teenagers chant my name outside the hospital gates. Long live the Revolution! Let me be President for my last thirty days.

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Leonard Cohen On The Back Cover: Songs Of Leonard Cohen Songbook


Title: Songs Of Leonard Cohen – Herewith: Music, Words And Photographs
Publisher: Amsco Music Publishing Company (USA)
Date Of Publication: 1969

View other Leonard Cohen photos used as back cover art at Leonard Cohen On The Back Cover

Credit Due Department: Contributed by Dominique BOILE


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