Montreal Tower Of Song Tribute Page: Hear Leonard Cohen Webradio, Feist Cover Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye, Nina Simone Sing Suzanne, & More

This is a screenshot of the English translation of the Hommage à Leonard Cohen page, which includes links to Leonard Cohen’s work performed by himself and others as well as information about the Montreal Leonard Cohen events.  Well worth exploring.

Exquisite Video: Julia Camayd Performs Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne Amid Scenes Of Old Montreal

Leonard Cohen continues to show me the power of poetry everyday, even after his passing. I feel like many songs in many different genres don’t have the lyrical substance that Leonard provides. As a songwriter, lyrics are just as important to me as the music. Its good to know that Cohen’s poetry will continue to outlast generations; it gives me hope for the future of song.quotedown2

Julia Camayd