Leonard Cohen Tribute: Sept 21, 2017 – Zagreb

Information from Leonard Cohen Tribute Facebook Page

September 21 at 8 PM
Brvnara – Zagreb, Croatia

Dear Friends, let’s remember, get together and celebrate the best poet, singer, songwriter and human being ever.

In order to keep out the unworthy, there is an entrance donation of 20kn or you can get in by reciting or singing one of Leonard Cohen’s songs.

Expect drinking and dancing and some bands are maybe happening and there’s gonna be some Johnny Walker wisdom running high, for sure.

See you there!

Montreal’s Leonard Cohen Week Begins Nov 5, 2017 – Major Musical Event Scheduled Nov 6, 2017


Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

Leonard Cohen Week in Montreal begins on Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 with limited events that evening.

Update: “[Hal Willner] was … preparing a memorial for Leonard Cohen in Montreal in November.” New York Times

A major musical event will take place on Nov 6.

Advance viewing of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art Leonard Cohen exhibit begins Nov 7 with the official opening on Nov 9.

Note: 15% discount on Air Canada for any ticket worldwide to Montreal using following code: 9H7V2RU1

Credit Due Department: By sprklgMusée d’art contemporain de Montréal, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikipedia

Looking For The Best Song Referencing Leonard Cohen: 1934 (A Song For Leonard Cohen) By Lail Arad

“How it feels to be a lady of a ladies’ man”

 is a Cohencentric series featuring a few of the many tunes alluding to Leonard Cohen. Today’s contender, 1934 (A Song For Leonard Cohen) by Lail Arad, offers not only a delightfully sung set of lyrics replete with intricate allusions to Leonard Cohen;s life and work but also the virtue of being inspired by ‘ biography.  Lail explains how the birthday tribute originated:

The story behind writing the L.C song is too full of coincidences to explain. It all began by staring at his handsome picture on the front cover of Sylvie Simmons’ biography. It started as a joke. I hope it makes him laugh.

Lail Arad – 1934 (A Song For Leonard Cohen)

Also see Recommended Reading: Lail Arad’s Montreal Migration

Looking For The Best Song Referencing Leonard Cohen: Sorrow (For Leonard And William) By Daniel Romano


Leonard Cohen References And A Clear First We Take Manhattan Sound

 is a Cohencentric series featuring a few of the many tunes alluding to Leonard Cohen. Today’s offering, Daniel Romano’s Sorrow (For Leonard And William) is a discovery by Maria Cohen Viana, who provides this introduction:

He might look like Dylan, sound like Dylan, dress like a lost Canadian mariachi musician but he wrote a song for Leonard Cohen. Sorrow. I am not sure if he has been in the same place of sorrow and despair, or if by any chance he has also been sentenced to twenty years of boredom. He only says “I’ve been waiting here for her for my sentence and I haven’t said a word of anger here.” He must have studied at his school of thin green candles with rags of crinolines and bows. He hasn’t missed a wrinkle in that pillow in the tower of song. And he is asking for mercy because she opened every door that he should have closed. And where Leonard says, “you know who I am,” Daniel Romano knows what he knows!

This review of Romano’s album Mosey refers to a “well-thumbed copy of Leonard Cohen’s Death Of A Lady’s Man” and the source of the song, Sorrow: Daniel Romano — Mosey (Album Review)  by Aaron Brophy (Risky Fuel: May 27, 2016)

Tribute Album – Sincerely, L. Cohen: A Live Celebration of Leonard Cohen Gets Digital, Vinyl Release Sept 2017

“Sincerely, L. Cohen: A Live Celebration of Leonard Cohen could have been a solemn affair. But all performers took the celebration part to heart, infusing Cohen’s most somber truths with equal parts reverence and reverie. The evening found a mix of New York icons, esteemed singer-songwriters, cult performers, and up-and-comers for a night of Cohen standards, stories and deep cuts… Sentimental and scholarly, full of tearful sing-a-longs and heartfelt remembrance, it was an evening Cohen would have appreciated.”

Justin Joffe

A Leonard Cohen tribute concert was hosted at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg in January, months after Cohen’s death on November 7th. A recording of the covers from that show will be released in Nov 2017.

From the press release:

The album will be made available on all digital-streaming platforms on Thursday September 21, what would have been Leonard Cohen’s 83rd birthday. A limited-edition double vinyl run of 500 units is available for preorder and will hit stores in time for the holidays. All proceeds from album sales will go to the Preemptive Love Coalition, a non-profit organization that aids children and families affected by terrorism and other crises in the Middle East across the globe. For more information, visit: www.preemptivelove.org.

Listen to Delicate Steve’s “Hallelujah”

1. Delicate Steve – “Hallelujah”
2. Leslie Mendelson – “Sisters of Mercy”
3. Osei Essed – “Diamonds in the Mine”
4. Holly Miranda / Joan as Police Woman & Invisible Familiars – “I’m Your Man”
5. Josh Ritter – “Chelsea Hotel #2”
6. Amy Helm – “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”
7. Elvis Perkins – “Is This What You Wanted”
8. Richard Thompson – “Bird on the Wire”
9. Richard Thompson – “Story of Isaac”
10. Lenny Kaye – “Beautiful Losers”
11. Ian O’Neil – “Memories”
12. Cassandra Jenkins – “In My Secret Life”
13. Teddy Thompson – “Ballad of the Absent Mare”
14. Alana Amram – “Suzanne”
15. Lee Ranaldo – “Famous Blue Raincoat”

Leonard Cohen Tribute Concert: Jerusalem Nov 7, 2017

Leonard Cohen,
The prophet, the poet, the troubadour
The sexy gentleman with the deep bass voice,
He passed away, leaving us orphans and individuals.

On the first anniversary of his death,
There will be a special musical tribute concert in his memory,
With the best songs and hits of the high priest and beloved,
Combined with an introductory ball to the poetry book “And I was in the days of the gorlabot”.

Buy a ticket now for 50 NIS
Or entrance ticket + poetry book for 120 NIS

First beer on the house 🙂

Tickets are available at the link attached to the page

From Leonard Cohen Concert Musical Tribute Facebook Page (via Google Translate), which offers more information and a link to tickets.