Emmylou Harris’ “Ballad Of A Runaway Horse” Is On Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox


Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox

Biggest Influence on My Music – The jukebox. I lived beside jukeboxes all through the fifties. … I never knew who was singing. I never followed things that way. I still don’t. I wasn’t a student of music; I was a student of the restaurant I was in — and the waitresses. The music was a part of it. I knew what number the song was.

– Leonard Cohen (Yakety Yak by Scott Cohen, 1994)

Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox: Over the years, Leonard Cohen has mentioned a number of specific songs he favors. Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox is a Cohencentric feature that began collecting these tunes for the edification and entertainment of viewers on April 4, 2009. All posts in the Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox series can be found at The Original Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox Page.

Greeting from Leonard Cohen to Polar Music Prize Laureate Emmylou Harris (2015)

Dear Emmylou Harris,

Thank you for singing that song of mine [Ballad Of The Absent Mare].
You brought it to a place I could never get to.

And thank you for putting into the crowded air,
and establishing it there for all to feel,
the beauty, the dignity
and the loneliness of America itself.

In the midst of all the bewildering directions
your voice takes us home.

With deep gratitude,

Leonard Cohen

Also see Video: Polar Music Prize Laureate Emmylou Harris thanks Leonard Cohen for his letter

Emmylou Harris’ – Ballad of a Runaway Horse

Credit Due Department: Photo by Ckuhl at Dutch Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia Commons

Note: Originally posted July 9, 2015 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

2003 Leonard Cohen Nights September 20-21: Edmonton


Kim Solez, President of the Cohennights Arts Society, and lead organizer of the Leonard Cohen International Festival, recounts the 2003 Leonard Cohen Night celebrating the five weeks In 1966 Leonard Cohen, spent  in Edmonton at the invitation of the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Arts.  For more about Leonard Cohen Nights, see Leonard Cohen Night 2002.


Originally posted by Kim Solez Feb 9, 2003 at LeonardCohenForum

Plans for 2003 Leonard Cohen Nights are proceeding well. We hope to have Cohen birthday events in every major Canadian city. So far Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, and Toronto are definite with many others tentative. We also are encouraging events in the US, Europe and elsewhere. If you are interested we would like to assist you in any way we can in organizing an event in your own city. The more events the merrier!

This is what we have planned so far for the Edmonton event: The event with be MCed by radio station CKUA host Bob Chelmick http://www.chelmick.com/robertchelmick.html and will begin at 4 PM on Sunday September 21st with two hours of performances by well known local musicians including Chapman stick player and singer Dale Ladouceur followed by the same wonderful Montreal theme dinner as last year followed by open mic performances. The venue will be the Hellenic Canadian Centre.


Nikki Olson and boyfriend Myles Bancarz (with emcee Bob Chelmick in background. Nikki became my partner in Leonard Cohen events starting the next year. She came to see me to offer to volunteer on March 26, 2004.

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“So you finally became that bird on that wire” Wolf Parade’s Valley Boy References Leonard Cohen’s & Marianne

“Valley Boy” is the first single from Cry Cry Cry, the fourth album by Wolf Parade, the quintessential Montreal indie rock band. According to the press release:

“Valley Boy,” a Bowie-inflected anthem for which Spencer [Krug] wrote lyrics after Leonard Cohen died the day before the 2016 election (“The radio’s been playing all your songs, talking about the way you slipped away up the stairs, did you know that it was all gonna go wrong?”).

From my admittedly Cohencentric perspective, there are several other lines that could also allude to Leonard;

  • The chorus
    Are you still a lover boy?
    Are you still on the cover or
    Did you become a valley boy out there?
  • Verse 2
    Calling all the angels, we must have an intervention
    The land and the air and Marianne are in contention
    The land wants the tongue and the air wants the spirit
    But it’s all inside the heart and Marianne won’t let them near it

It’s a fine track that is receiving positive reviews. Check it out.

Cry Cry Cry releases October 6, 2017

Video Clip: Rufus Wainwright Singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah At Montréal – Aug 19, 2017


Also see Video: You Want It Darker Featuring Gideon Zelermyer & Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue Choir – Montréal Symphonique Aug 19, 2017

Video: You Want It Darker Featuring Gideon Zelermyer & Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue Choir – Montréal Symphonique Aug 19, 2017


Mimi Lela shot this video of the Leonard Cohen tribute at the Montréal Symphonique, a concert by Montreal’s three major orchestras (The Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the McGill Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestre Métropolitai) and some of the Canada’s biggest pop artists on Mount Royal. According to Montréal Symphonique rouses crowd of thousands on Mount Royal (CBC News: Aug 19, 2017), the show was viewed by “a crowd of 80,000  and thousands more in parks across the city, where it was projected.”

Also see Video Clip: Rufus Wainwright Singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah At Montréal – Aug 19, 2017

Leonard Cohen Tribute: A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes + Alberto Manzano Poetry Reading – Zamora, Aug 19, 2017

From A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes Facebook Page:

“A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes” is a song by Leonard Cohen and also the name chosen by the band A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes to spread their music and poetry. If you want to enjoy with them and your tribute concert to Leonard Cohen do not miss them this Saturday, August 19, at 22 pm., in the cathedral square.