Personal Tributes Continue At Parc du Portugal, Across From Leonard Cohen’s Montreal Home – Jan 14, 2017

Early residence of and memorial to #leonardcohen #montreal

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Parc Du Portugal, a small park between Marie-Anne and tiny Vallières Street just east of St-Laurent Blvd, directly faces the house Leonard Cohen has owned for years where he lived and his family stayed when they were in Montreal.

“Leonard Cohen’s Montreal: Refuge And Escape” Is Latest Addition To Leonard Cohen Online Directory

lc-2jpgLeonard Cohen’s Montreal: refuge and escape by Robert Everett-Green (The Globe and Mail: Oct. 14, 2016) is the most recent listing at Leonard Cohen Online Directory, a one page reference with links to the best and most useful Leonard Cohen online resources: discography, performance & interview videos, articles, press coverage, humor, …   Leonard Cohen’s Montreal: refuge and escape, a comprehensive view of the Cohen-Montreal connection with maps, is an entry in the Leonard Cohen’s Montreal section of the Directory.

Adam Cohen’s “We Go Home” Mini-documentary Offers Window Onto Leonard Cohen’s Hydra & Montreal Homes


Co-starring Cass Cohen

A video promotion for Adam Cohen’s “We Go Home” album focuses on recording sessions that took place in his father’s homes in Montreal and on Hydra and thus offers many views of these residences.

Also featured are several Hydra scenes (other than Cohen’s home) and appearances (including a speaking part) by Cass, Adam Cohen’s son and Leonard Cohen’s grandson.


Adam Cohen – We Go Home – EPK

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Leonard Cohen Describes His Home On Hydra


My house [in Hydra] looked beautiful, and it looks exactly the same as it always did. It doesn’t have a great view. It’s a big house full of little rooms. Rooms about half the size of this kitchen. And just with old tables and chairs that people gave me, most things in that house were given to me by people who were moving up and could afford a better table, like the Johnsons, gave me the kitchen table because they made a little money and they bought a better table. And that’s what we would do for the new generations coming in. At first all my pots and pans were second generation, you know, and then you made a little money and you could buy your own pot and pan and you’d give your pot and pan to the next kid who was moving in. At that stage when I was living with Marianne, we didn’t have any money… Well, Axel had made a little money, so there were some things from his house that found their way into my house.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

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From Leonard Looks Back On The Past, an interview with Leonard Cohen by Kari Hesthamar, Los Angeles, 2005 (Unedited interview for the Norwegian Radio). Found at LeonardCohenFiles. Photo by Rauli Arjatsalo of The Leonard Cohen Files. Originally posted May 11, 2011 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photo: Leonard Cohen’s Home In Montreal

lc-house-montreal-scaled1000This impressively clear and detailed photo of Leonard Cohen’s home in Montreal (click on image to enlarge) was taken by and posted with the permission of Lilian Graziani.

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