Hydra Photos: Leonard Cohen’s Home & A Bird On The Wire


Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home

Photos of Hydra shot and shared by Marie-louise Guillard (2014)


Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home

Locating Leonard Cohen’s Home: In the photo directly below, the yellow arrow points to Leonard Cohen’s home.  The next photo is identical except the arrow is absent.


Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home marked by yellow arrow



A Bird On The Wire On Hydra

Take A Look Inside Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home


Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home – Photo by Mel Joss

Great photos of the interior of Leonard Cohen’s home on Hydra can be found at

Also see


The video promotions for Adam Cohen’s “We Go Home” and “Like A Man” albums each offer images of his father’s homes in Montreal and on Hydra.

Adam Cohen – We Go Home Promotional Video

Adam Cohen – Like A Man Promotional Video

Photos: Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home & Haunts


Leonard Cohen’s Home – Hydra, Greece

I’m posting a few of the photos Mel Joss sent from her 2014 trip to Hydra in the belief that fans may enjoy seeing some of the places Leonard Cohen and Marianne frequented during the 1960s when they lived on the island. At the time of Mel’s visit, Leonard Cohen’s home was occupied by his son, Adam, and his grandson, Cass. From these shots, it appears that Hydra today has retained much of its charm that led so many artists to its shores 50 years ago.

Note: Originally posted July 16, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Is The House Next Door To Leonard Cohen’s Hydra Home For Sale?

hydrahouse1Mel Joss speculates, based on her visit to Hydra last year, details of the description, and the location near Four Corners, that a house listed for sale (see above photo) is very close, if not next door, to the Hydra home owned by Leonard Cohen.

Description of house for sale at For Sale – Leonards Garden, 4 Corners:

A beautifully presented three bedroomed house that embodies the Hydra aesthetic.

Close to 4 Corners, about a ten minute walk up from the port, this house is on a quiet corner with a high stone wall around a charming courtyard, ensuring complete privacy. The courtyard gives access to the house via the kitchen on the ground floor, and to a separate room that is currently used as a studio, but which could be a third bedroom, and which has large glazed doors that can be completely opened up in the summer.

Off the kitchen is a the winter living room with a lovely original stone floor and a cozy wood burning stove.

Steps lead up to a large sitting room on the first floor, and to two bedrooms, one of which has a private terrace. Off the sitting room is a second lovely private terrace.

This is a good sized house with loads of potential and is beautifully decorated with attention to detail throughout.

All white goods, cooker etc included in the sale, plus some furniture.

Mel writes

Check out this photo of the terrace [of the house for sale] … notice the white dome shaped building on the hilltop to the right and the red building in the middle.

hydrahousesaleThis is my photo of Leonard Cohen’s house.  His front door faces NW. See the white dome and the red building? Thus, the terrace of the house for sale also faces NW.


The photo directly below is also mine. I ‘believe’ this is the side of Leonard Cohen’s house as I approached it, judging from the time capturing on my camera, but I honestly can’t swear to it.  It was taken only minutes from the ones by his front door. Compare it to the realtor’s photo underneath my photo…the same tree can be seen in the upper right of both shots.


I can only conclude that the house for sale is extremely close to Leonard Cohen’s

“New York is cold, but I like where I’m living” The View From Leonard Cohen’s 1960s NYC Apartment

FullSizeRender (Medium)During the late 1960s Leonard Cohen and Marianne lived in a loft at 179 Stanton Street in New York, the site to which Cohen refers in “Famous Blue Raincoat:”

New York is cold, but I like where I’m living
There’s music on Clinton Street all through the evening.

Michael Gulas offers these photos of the view these days from that apartment. The photo of the building itself and the map are from Google Maps.

179 Stanton St, New York

179 Stanton St, New York


Our Lady Of The Harbour – The Montreal Church Embedded In Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne


“And the sun pours down like honey / On our lady of the harbour”

Sally Hunter writes,

I was sorting though my camera data cards today, as I am accompanying 160 Grade 7’s to Quebec City tomorrow, and wanted to make sure I had lots of memory. I found these pictures taken last year in Montreal. I did two trips last year, one to Quebec City and the other to Montreal and Quebec City. These trips are lots of noise and hustle and bustle. On my last day in Montreal, I had a little bit of time to myself before we once again rallied the troops. I stole away for some peace and quiet to Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, better known to you as the Church where “… the sun pours down like honey, On our lady of the harbour…” The Lady of the Harbour faces the St. Lawrence River, and blesses the men in the boats who travel along the river. I am enclosing a shot of the interior of the Church. It is a most remarkable colour of blue and small ships hang from the ceiling.

The photos are among the best that I’ve seen of  The Lady of the Harbour, especially in their display of detail. (Note, for example, the starry halo over her head.) I hadn’t noticed the angels, one of Cohen’s favorite allusions, that are easily seen around the pedestal in the photo below.


And, until Sally called it to my attention with this superb photo, I was completely unaware of the gorgeous interior of the church.


Cohencentric appreciates not only the quality of these outstanding photos and Sally’s generosity in sharing them but also the courage and resilience demonstrated in her continuing willingness to brave the rigors inherent in accompanying a horde of seventh graders on those field trips.  A prayer or two in Sally’s behalf might not be out of place.

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