Guide To Leonard Cohen Experience: Early Influences, Songwriting, Love, Lifestyle, Zen, Wooing Women With Music, Economics, Songs Vs Poems…

“Leonard Cohen Experience” Videos 1-4: 1988 Interview & Performances

These videos feature segments from an August 1988 Leonard Cohen interview with Mitch Corber, which was to be published in Downtown Magazine (I have been unable to discover if the piece was actually published although the New York Library did purchase the audio tape for their collection), interspersed with songs by Leonard Cohen performed by himself and others. Many of the performances are from the 1988 Austin City Limits show.

Leonard Cohen Experience 1
Interview Content: Comparison of songs and poems; Leonard Cohen’s personal religious perspective; the temptation of lying for love as a theme, King David as a poet and a figure; Buckskin Boys; personal moods; sense of mission; connections between singing and writing careers; style of living; women as companions of the heart.
Songs: Chelsea Hotel #2, Seems So Long Ago Nancy, Lover, Lover, Lover, The Future,  Sisters Of Mercy, others.

Leonard Cohen Experience 2
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“My poems are always Jewish; they cannot be anything else.” Leonard Cohen Video Interview 1985

From YouTube description [via Google Translate]:

In an interview with Dan Margalit on “New Evening”, Cohen refers to the motives for his work, the way his poems are received by the audience and the media, and also refers to the Jewish point in his writing: “My poems are always ‘Jewish’, they can not To be nothing else. ” At the end of the interview, a section of a clip was broadcast to Cohen’s song Hallelujah. The interview was identified and uploaded to the web as part of the educational archive digitization project. Broadcasted on July 7, 1985

Video: 2001 Leonard Cohen Interview By Stina Dabrowski Online

stinaFrom the YouTube blurb:

Interview – Stina Dabrowski interviews Leonard Cohen in Paris in 2001. Video also contains interview sections made at Mt. Baldy Zen Center in 1997. Includes recitations of “The Correct Attitude” and “Sorrows of the Elderly” and “Because Of.” Aired on the Biography Channel in the UK in 2002.

A complete transcript of the “Stina Om Leonard Cohen” interview is available at Stina Om Leonard Cohen – 2001


Credit Due Department: I was alerted to this outstanding video by Linda Sturgess

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Leonard Cohen On The Forbidding Future, His Lack Of Nostalgia, & Advice To Concertgoers – 1993 TV Interview

This interview took place in Barcelona before the May 15, 1993 Leonard Cohen concert at the Palau d’Esports.

Note: The comment about the future being claws with the nail polish flaking off originated with Leonard Cohen’s friend, Irving Layton. See Leonard Cohen on Irving Layton’s notion that culture is “just nail polish on the claws”