Leonard Cohen & Lian Lunson Share Special “My Mirrored Twin” Seats At The 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival Screening Of I’m Your Man Documentary

Leonard Cohen (the subject of the documentary) & Lian Lunson (the director) both showed up for the premiere of “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man” on Saturday June 24,  2006 at the John Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood. Lian describes what happened next:

This screening was the only public screening Leonard attended. It was a windy night at the Ford amphitheater and Leonard and i sat alone behind the screen with a bottle of wine. The audience could not see us. And, because we were watching the film from behind the screen the film was reversed. It was beautiful to see it that way.

Thanks to Lian Lunson for her charming account of this scene and for permission to use the photo atop this post.

Now Online: 1988 Leonard Cohen Icelandic TV Documentary – Performances & Interview

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service’s 1988 Leonard Cohen documentary, featuring interviews and selections from Leonard Cohen’s June 24, 1988 Reykjavik concert, has been a now you see it, now you don’t online phenomenon. Gordana Stupar alerts us that we are currently in a now you see it state – but only until Sept 1, 2017.

Here’s why you need to see this video:  First of all, the 1988 Reykjavik concert was one of Leonard Cohen’s most moving performances. I was so taken with that show’s rendition of Hallelujah that I created Video: Leonard Cohen’s Gorgeous Performance Of Hallelujah – Reykjavik 1988 when an earlier online iteration evaporated. I had also ranked the recording of The Partisan from that show as my favorite live version of the song. An interview with Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, including a discussion of Leonard’s visit to the hot springs and Leonard’s secularized Hallelujah as well as an Icelandic cover of that song, is integrated alongside the performance clips.

Songs:and stage business from the concert that are featured in the documentary follow:

  • Joan Of Arc featuring Julie Christensen
  • Dance Me To The End Of Love
  • Hallelujah
  • Stranger Song
  • Like A Bird On The Wire
  • Suzanne
  • The Partisan
  • So Long Marianne
  • The Fake Stage Exit Before Encores
  • Take This Waltz with Introduction Invoking Lorca

The documentary can be viewed at Leonard Cohen 1988 Reykjavik Documentary.

Download Video: The Song Of Leonard Cohen By Harry Rasky

The above screen capture from Harry Rasky’s documentary, The Song Of Leonard Cohen (1980), shows Irving Layton reading from Death Of A Lady’s Man, one of the many treats offered in this video. Interviews with Leonard, behind the scenes sequences, and clips shot in Leonard’s Montreal home are other highlights.

windowVideotapes are not available commercially so Maarten Massa has offered a video version for download (see end of post for details)

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Preview: French Edition Of Tony Palmer’s Leonard Cohen Documentary – Bird On A Wire

Dominique BOILE sends a preview of the French edition of Tony Palmer’s “Bird On A Wire” DVD, the official release of which is scheduled for May 4, 2017.

A sticker on the cover reads “Leonard Cohen’72 Un Poète au bord de l’abime” [“Leonard Cohen’72 A poet at the edge of the abyss”]. In addition to the original DVD, there is a superb 25 minute interview (in English, with French subtitles) by Tony Palmer, who explains the film’s origins, Leonard’s refusal to release the first version, how the original tapes were found again many decades later, etc. The cover is by Sandra Zemor and the back by Claude Gassian (Paris, Salle Pleyel, April 18, 1972).

Superb Video Of Leonard Cohen At Mt Baldy Zen Center – Armelle Brusq’s 1996 Film Now Online


Rare Opportunity To View High Quality Documentary Of Leonard Cohen During His Zen Retreat

A high quality copy of the entire Armelle Brusq Spring 1996 Documentary has been uploaded to YouTube. For anyone with even a modest interest in Cohen’s career, this is a must-see video (and one somewhat difficult to find in the past).


The Armelle Brusq documentary shot in Spring 1996, about Leonard Cohen’s experience at Mt Baldy1 from which the clip is taken is described in LeonardCohenFiles. Excerpts follow:

Armelle Brusq is a young French artist living in Paris. She filmed this 52 min documentary in Spring 1996 on Mt. Baldy and in Los Angeles using a customized camera. The Norwegian television was the first to show it (on March 15, 1997), and later many other TV channels followed.

Leonard Cohen commented from the Mt Baldy Zen Center, his home at that time: The monks up here think it’s pretty good. Roshi said to her: “You great artist”

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  1. This documentary is referenced under several names, the most complete of which seems to be “Leonard Cohen. Spring 1996. A portrait in time by Armelle Brusq” []

Special French Edition Of Leonard Cohen – Bird On A Wire Documentary To Be Released May 2, 2017

Jaquettebird-on-a-wire-temp-8Dominique BOILE writes about the impending release of a French edition of the Bird On A Wire documentary.

To date, Tony Palmer’s Bird On A Wire DVD, released in 2010, was available in France only by mail-order business.  Blaq Out, an independent publishing company, will publish a French edition of Bird On A Wire on May 2, 2017, which will then be available in stores.

In addition to the original DVD, there will be many extras:

  • “La Poésie en actes” rencontre avec Tony Palmer – 25 min
    [“Poetry in Action” meeting with Tony Palmer]
  • “I told you I was a stranger” entretiens avec Chistophe Lebold1 et Gilles Tordjman2 – 22 min
    [“I told you I was a stranger” interviews with Chistophe Lebold and Gilles Tordjman]
  • “Leonard Cohen ’72, un mec en pull” dialogue entre Bertrand Belin et Sing Sing – 24 min
    [“Leonard Cohen ’72, a guy in pull” dialogue between Bertrand Belin and Sing Sing]

Cover art by Sandra Zemor

  1. Christophe Lebold wrote “Leonard Cohen, l’Homme qui voyait tomber les anges” in 2013 []
  2. Gilles Tordjman wrote “Leonard Cohen” in 2006 []

Tony Palmer’s “Bird On A Wire” Leonard Cohen Documentary Screening: North London – Feb 26, 2017


Tony Palmer’s restored documentary of Leonard Cohen’s 1972 Tour, ‘Bird On A Wire,’ will be shown at The Arthouse cinema in North London on Feb 26, 2017. Director Tony Palmer will introduce the film live on stage. More information about the film and booking can be found at Bird On A Wire. (Note: This showing is in addition to the March 21 screening at The Prince Charles Cinema.)

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Tony Palmer’s “Bird On A Wire” Leonard Cohen Documentary Screening: London – March 21, 2017

birdwireDave Curless alerts us that “a screening of Tony Palmer’s restored film ‘Bird On A Wire’ has been arranged at The Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BY, UK on Tuesday 21st March 2017, 8.45pm. Tony Palmer will be in attendance and will introduce the film.” More information at Leonard Cohen : Bird On A Wire

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