Art By Leonard Cohen On Tattoos: The Little Bird


“I took my Book Of Longing and got this Little Bird” Mandy MacLeod

The colorful ink in the above photo is found on Diego Zerwes and the same image, in the image directly below, is located on the shoulder of Mandy MacLeod.

tattoo-bordbooklongingBoth are, of course, based on Leonard Cohen’s The Little Bird.

little-birdThis graphic also resides on the front cover of Leonard Cohen’s Book of Longing.



Tales Of The 2009 Leonard Cohen Beacon Theatre Show: The Girl With The Leonard Cohen Tattoo


Tales Of The 2009 Leonard Cohen Beacon Theatre Show: The first Leonard Cohen concert I attended was the Feb 19, 2009 show at the Beacon Theatre in New York. The concert itself was outstanding, and I also had a non-musical experience or two worth sharing.

In Front Of The Beacon Theatre Before The Leonard Cohen Concert, …

I chatted with batches of Leonard Cohen admirers as we waited to enter the building. One charming woman I met presented her credentials as a Leonard Cohen fan:

I’m such a Leonard Cohen fan that I stayed at the Chelsea Hotel just because he used to live there. I like all his music, even “The Future” that used to seem too angry for me to enjoy. And, I do have a Leonard Cohen tattoo.

She was, unfortunately, interrupted at this point in her discourse by someone else commenting on the various musical phases of Cohen’s career.

An Aside On The Politesse Of The Leonard Cohen New York Concert Crowd

I should note that the event I’m characterizing as an “interruption” would more accurately be termed a “politely executed change of speakers in the flow of conversation.” In fact, everyone I met or observed outside the theater that cold New York evening, including the other ticket-holders, those trying to score tickets for themselves, the ticket sellers, the ushers, the hustlers scalping tickets, and the theater personnel (courteously)  hassling the hustlers, were amiable. I have, literally (and here I’m using “literally” literally) been to rowdier Wednesday Night Bible Study Meetings.

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