Listening Recommendation: 1985 Leonard Cohen Hannover Concert & Soundcheck

Jo Meul writes

This recording is particularly interesting

  • The sound quality is way above average
  • Some of the songs are quite rare,livewise. (Memories, anyone?)
  • In my opinion Cohen is at his artistic live peak
  • Some songs are given original arrangements. (The Partisan)
  • There are hardly any annoying audience sounds, nor any After-half-a-minute-I-recognize-the-song-that’s-being-performed-so-I-think-I-should-react-by-clapping-my-hands-handclaps
  • And for the true die-hards there’s the recording of the soundcheck

Anyway, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Leonard Cohen Live At Kuppelsaal, Hannover
March 13. 1985
Uploaded by Joao Miguel Figueiredo Silva

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Video: Leonard Cohen’s Animated Performance Of Everybody Knows – Adelaide 2010

Featuring a musical conversation between Leonard Cohen and Javier Mas

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
Adelaide  Nov 18, 2010
Video by alanm5049

For Comparison – The 2008 Newfoundland Version

As indicated by the screenshots, much of the introduction of Everybody Knows has become an extended musical conversation between Leonard Cohen and Javier Mas. This observation about the evolution of the performance and the impending end of the World Tour led to the posting of the 2008 version of the same song for comparison and contrast.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
St. John’s: May 27, 2008
Video from colinyetman

Note: Originally posted Nov 21, 2010 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen Classic Comic Video: Tower Of Song Keyboard Glissando & Monologue – Antwerp 2013

Leonard Cohen – Keyboard Glissando & Monologue from Tower of Song
Antwerp: June 23, 2013
Video by MaartenLC (Maarten Massa)
Video begins after Mr Cohen’s one finger keyboard solo


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Video: Leonard Cohen’s More Country Version Of Diamonds In The Mine (Vietnam Version) – Warsaw 1985

“I haven’t been in such a beautiful dressing room since my bar mitzvah”

For an interesting comparison with another Leonard Cohen performance of the same song, see Vietnam Version Of Leonard Cohen’s Diamonds In The Mine – Montreux 1985

Leonard Cohen – Diamonds In The Mine
Video: messalina79

Note: Originally posted October 30, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric