Striking Photos: 2012 Leonard Cohen Edmonton Concert

The impressive clarity, color, and depth of these photos of Leonard Cohen and his musicians performing in Edmonton render them striking indeed. These images are the work of Ned Yeung, A.C.E., Cyclops Photo Studio.

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Photos Of Note: 2012 Leonard Cohen Toronto Concert

These photos of the Dec 5, 2012 Leonard Cohen show, all taken by googoojue, are especially effective in evoking the audience member’s experience of the show – a quality often absent in the portfolios presented by press photographers. Worthy of special note: the efficaciously bowing Leonard Cohen, drummer Rafael Gayol hard at work, a beaming Sharon Robinson, a set list again referencing the mysterious, yet to be performed “Blues In C,” and 19,800 entranced audience members at the Dec 4, 2012 show.

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Video: Leonard Cohen & The Cohen Chorus Line Perform Save The Last Dance For Me – Paris 2012

This wonderful photo of the big finish with chorus line to Save The Last Dance For Me at the final 2012 Paris show was taken by Ute Egle.

Leonard Cohen – Save The Last Dance For Me
Paris : Sept 30, 2012
Video by

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Brian Fogh’s Photos Of Leonard Cohen – And The Guy Who Carries Leonard’s Guitar

Brian Fogh writes:

The one with Cohen streetwalking is from a concert in Odense in Denmark where I met him earlier the same day. When he left his bus he arrived in he stood and waited on the sidewalk so people could go on … he didn’t wanted anyone to stop for him. Such a gentleman.

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Look Who Made It Into Sharon Robinson’s On Tour With Leonard Cohen: Mitch, Alex, Roscoe, Hattie, Charley, Neil, Dominique Issermann, Lorca, DrHGuy, Duchess, The Guy Who Carries Leonard Cohen’s Guitar…

I continue to be delighted by the images in Sharon Robinson’s On Tour With Leonard Cohen, which Vogue described as “a book of photographs, 92 percent of which were shot on an iPhone, which gives them a curious sense of intimacy, spontaneity, and complicity, echoing, in a way, the particular closeness of Ms. Robinson and Mr. Cohen’s relationship.”  Now, most folks buy this book because of the photos featuring Leonard Cohen, but there are other treats: many, many shots of other members of the Unified Heart Touring Company (past and present), family, strangers, local scenes, and the occasional hangers-on who show up at soundcheck in Austin.

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Rare Photo: Leonard Cohen Performs In Berlin – 1974

This photo was contributed by Jonathon Lipsin, who reports that it is “an unpublished photo of Leonard taken in Berlin in the 70’s by a customer of mine who gave me the photo.”

While I admire pristine images of Leonard Cohen, I admit to being taken with the scratches, blotches, and taped edges that make this photo an imperfect offering of the sort by which, I have been assured, the light gets in.

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