Leonard Cohen: Summer Camp Counselor – 1957

Front (R to L): Leonard Cohen, Anne Sherman, & Aviva Cantor. Back Row: Irving Layton

More About Leonard Cohen At Summer Camp

Leonard Cohen Plays Radio City Music Hall – 2009

I get off on marquee shots such as the one atop this post. That the marquee is for a Leonard Cohen concert and is attached to a landmark like Radio City Music Hall is just that much better. The photos of Leonard in performance are a nice bonus. The shows took place May 16 & 17, 2009,

Credit Due Department: The good folks at Madison Square Garden have given permission to publish these photos, all of which were taken by Chad Batka.

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Photos: End Of 2013 Leonard Cohen North American Tour Celebration – St. John’s, NL

From Leonard Cohen Facebook page

End of North American tour celebration, St. John’s, NL. L to R. front: Hattie, Charley, Nikki, Sharon, Kezban; back: Paul and Ryan. Photo & caption from Sharon Robinson Facebook page

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“I was expecting someone serious and doom-laden. He was actually one of the funniest people I have ever met and told the filthiest jokes.” Gered Mankowitz’s Splendid 1994 Photos Of Leonard Cohen


I had never met Leonard before. I knew who he was as he was extraordinarily famous, though I wasn’t particularly a fan of his music. There was a popular feeling that there was a heavyweight quality to Leonard and I was expecting someone serious and doom-laden. He was actually one of the funniest people I have ever met and told the filthiest jokes. He loved posing and every shot was different. I constructed a little set to create a bit of graphic interest but I never imagined he’d make these great shapes with the chair.

From Gered Mankowitz, rock photographer, explains his rarest photographs (The Telegraph). All photographs in this post by Gered Mankowitz © Bowstir Ltd. 2016 / Mankowitz.Com.

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2012 Leonard Cohen Lisbon Concert Photos – Neil Larsen’s Accordion Hands Close-up, Alex Bublitchi’s Tie Inspection, & More

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of shots showing Leonard Cohen in concert standing erect, kneeling, crouching, etc. And, it’s easy to find images of classic scenes – e.g., Javier Mas performing his dramatic solo at the beginning of “Who By Fire” or Sharon Robinson powerfully singing “Alexandra Leaving.” But only on Cohencentric can one count on finding these and other popular photos alongside such rarely published but endearing images as a closeup of Neil Larsen’s hands playing the accordion on “The Partisan,” Alex Bublitchi, the intense violinist, who appears to be either carefully examining his necktie or performing the magic pencil illusion with his bow, and some wonderful looks at Roscoe Beck and Mitch Watkins in action. All of these photos, both the conventional and wonderfully idiosyncratic poses, were taken by Martine Nevens.

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Outstanding Photos: Leonard Cohen Nov 20, 2010 Hanging Rock Concert

Thanks so much friends, Thanks for inviting us to this sacred place. It’s a great honor. I promise we’ll give you everything we got tonight.

Leonard Cohen
Hanging Rock, Nov 20, 2010

The above photo of Leonard Cohen, bedecked in a coat, scarf, signature fedora, and sunglasses) and standing behind his trusty keyboard, at the November 20, 2010 Hanging Rock, Australia concert is one of those shots that epitomize a particular performance. In the midst of a cold evening in the isolated, eerie volcanic formation that was the setting for the show, Cohen honored the promise he made at the beginning of the concert: “We’ll give you everything we got tonight.”

The photo below offers a view of both Roscoe Beck (on bass and under beret) and the impeccable but all too often invisible Neil Larsen (playing keyboards and wearing scarf) equipped with stylish shades. Both of these photos1 are by Hazel Anthony, Australia (please do not repost without photographer’s permission).

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Photos Capture Spirit Of Leonard Cohen Hanging Rock Show

This gallery of photos2 are by DeanAdelaide, who has many more shots of the Hanging Rock Concert and other Cohen shows performed in Australia and New Zealand in his photostream.

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