Photo: Leonard Cohen’s Sister, Esther With Husband Victor & Nephew Jonathan Greenberg – Haifa, Israel, 1993

Esther Cohen with husband Victor and Nephew Jonathan Greenberg1 in Haifa, Israel, 1993. Copyright photo by Jonathan Greenberg, used with permission.

Esther & Victor Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s older sister, Esther, has been featured in several Cohencentric posts, but photos of her with her husband Victor are rare. The posting of this shot, thanks to Esther’s nephew, Jonathan Greenberg, affords an opportunity to provide some background for those fans who are unfamiliar with Esther.

Esther married Victor Cohen. Following a Cuban honeymoon, they traveled extensively, were regulars at plays, concerts, movies, and parties, and lived happily together, Esther did research for McGill and for Colliers in New York. She was unequivocally enthusiastic about life and beloved by everyone who met her. Esther died Sept 7, 2014, 19 years after Victor’s passing.

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  1. Jonathan Greenberg is an award-winning investigative financial and legal journalist with 35 years of experience with national such publications as Forbes, New York, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Mother Jones, Money, Playboy, Self, Inc., GQ, The New Republic, the Bohemian and Alternet.. Source: HuffPost []

“6,000 people, from the orchestra all the way up to the third balcony, on their feet — clapping, singing, dancing, smiling, loving. An indescribable moment in New York.” Photos & More: 2013 Leonard Cohen Radio City Music Hall Concert


NYC Celebrates April 6, 2013 Leonard Cohen Show

I could deliver a full report of a joyous, raucous night — of Leonard cracking himself up during the Parthenon of tobacco routine, of Sharon Robinson never having sounded more beautiful in Alexandra Leaving, of the evolving and deepening arrangements of the songs from Old Ideas, of superb, soaring solos from Neil Larsen and Mitch Watkins. But what best captured this beautiful evening was when, as we were standing, clapping, singing along during Closing Time, Louise said, “Turn around” — and when I did I saw 6,000 people, from the orchestra all the way up to the third balcony, on their feet — clapping, singing, dancing, smiling, loving. An indescribable moment in New York.

Mace Rosenstein via email
1:05 AM, April 7, 2013

Varya Pavlova-Lisokot

Setlist: Leonard Cohen Concert
Radio City Music Hall, New York



Leonard Cohen: Radio City Music Hall April 6, 2013

jemal countessCredit Due Department: Photo atop this post: Carlos Ignacio Cruz. Back and white photo of audience: Varya Pavlova-Lisokot.  Photo of stage setlist: Mandy MacLeod. Final photo of Leonard Cohen: Jemal Countess. Others as credited. Originally posted April 7, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

“My all time favorite Austin City Limits from 26 years of covering that particular gig… Leonard hisownself saw this photo and made it the cover of his Leonard Cohen Live album” Scott Newton

Columbia Records Promotional Photo: 1988 Leonard Cohen Austin City Limits Show

Photo credit: Scott Newton/Austin City Limits. Contributed by Dominique BOILE for the Leonard Cohen Promotional Photos series. Photographer Scott Newton writes

People are always asking me what my favorite show/performer/artist is or was. It’s a good question, as I’ve seen just about everyone (no, I won’t drop names) since I started going to concerts in 1964… and have been privileged to photograph so many world class musicians since 1971 or so. Of course, the question and answer are totally subjective. So much comes into play; venue. mood or state of mind of the viewer, how good the artist was that particular show, and the incredible momentary fleeting nature of That Particular Moment… In that context, and framing, let me introduce Leonard Cohen. Leonard Cohen’s show on Season 14 (out of 30) was one of my 5 all time favorite shows, and my all time favorite ACL from 26 years of covering that particular gig. And to make it extra special, Leonard hisownself saw this photo and made it the cover of his Leonard Cohen Live album. He’s stopped touring now, but if he ever starts up again, don’t miss Leonard. He does more, with practically no singing voice, than anyone I’ve ever heard. He’s World Class. See for yourself, if you get the chance.

See This Time It’s Official: 1988 Leonard Cohen Austin City Limits Concert Is Back Online


Extraordinary Photo Gallery: Leonard Cohen 2010 Hanging Rock Concert


2010 Leonard Cohen Hanging Rock Concert – Great Music, Great Audience, Great Photos By J.S. Carenza III

There were a few hassles. From audience reports, however, the long, slow trek to the site and the plummeting temperatures after sunset were a small price to pay for the privilege of attending the November 20, 2010 Hanging Rock show. And these images are a striking representation.

Update: Also see Outstanding Photos: Leonard Cohen Nov 20, 2010 Hanging Rock Concert

We wanted him to leave but he wouldn’t get in the car. Another encore.

The trailer/tent city that comprises the backstage area is a fully functional and mobile command centre.

Javier Mas and Dino Soldo share a couch and try to stay warm as the sun goes down outside.

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Victorious In Victoria – Leonard Cohen’s 2010 Triumphant Return To Canada

Some Events Apparently Are A Victory March

Leonard Cohen opened the final North American leg of his World Tour in Victoria last night (Nov 30, 2010). It was – yawn – another five star performance. Documentation of that rating and other impressions of  the concert can be found in the local paper of record, the Victoria Times Colonist, under the rather lengthy but informative title, Leonard Cohen performed for Victoria Tuesday night at Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre. Reviewer Mike Devlin gave the show five stars (out of five) [Update: Title has since been changed to the more concise “Full Leonard Cohen review: He sings to serve”]. The first lines are representative:

Where does it come from? Where does Leonard Cohen get his vigor, stamina, discipline and élan vital? Leonard Cohen literally bounded on stage Tuesday night, looking for more agile — and sounding considerably younger — than your average 76-year-old.

He would prove to be to be even more impressive, in all manner of areas, as the night progressed. Over the course of his truly awe-inspiring three-hour concert, Cohen could do no wrong. In any way, shape or form.

He was met with a standing ovation after stepping on stage at the Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre, which he readily accepted. Forget that the gesture has probably been expressed at nearly every one of his 240 comeback concerts during the past two-and-a-half years. Cohen was genuinely gracious in accepting such a gift.

“Looking … agile,” “sounding considerably younger,” “impressive,” “awe-inspiring,” … you’ve heard it all before.

Early reports from fans are even more rapturous. No videos have yet surfaced – which leads to a brief commentary about video recordings taken by audience members.

Update: Videos from the Victoria show did turn up later:

YouTube Video Is The Leonard Cohen World Tour’s Friend – And Maybe Its BFF

While videotaping  performances such as Leonard Cohen concerts from the audience has been criticized as distracting to others attending the show and the final products damned as inferior in quality as well as potential violations of copyright, one can make an impressive case that, aside from being present for the concert itself, nothing that rivals the excitement and gratification of viewing a competently recorded video within hours of  the live performance, which may have taken place thousands of miles away from the viewer.1

In fact, many of those who have attended a Leonard Cohen concert admit to eagerly logging  in the next morning in hopes of again watching a performance they saw live the night before.

Further, I would contend that, lacking a hyper-detailed first hand account, there is little to rival a video’s capacity to individualize a performance. The eight still photos from the Victoria Times Colonist article [Update: Only two photos now remain], for example are of professional quality, well framed, well lit, distortion free, … and, unless one has an encyclopedic knowledge of stage curtains and overhead lights, indistinguishable from photos of Cohen’s performances in Moscow, Chicago, and 90% of the Tour’s other indoor venues.

One can, indeed, make the argument that nothing, other than the shift in the economics of the music system, has had more impact on pop concerts than widely and easily accessible videos of the shows.

Credit Due Department: Photos by J.S. Carenza III.

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  1. One headline format that reliably draws large numbers of viewers to this site is “First Video From ____ Leonard Cohen Concert Now Online.” []

La Presse Offers Impressive Leonard Cohen Photo Gallery

La Presse has posted over 20 photos, most in larger formats, of Leonard Cohen or Cohen-associated events (e.g., Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies performing at a tribute to Leonard Cohen), including the shot by Lorca Cohen shown atop this post. most in larger formats. This unusually interesting collection of Leonard Cohen photos can be viewed at La Presse – Leonard Cohen

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