The Guy Who Carries Leonard Cohen’s Guitar & Does His Chores Has A Birthday

On Dec 20, 2010, (Cohencentric’s predecessor) posted The Guy Leonard Cohen Never Introduced, an expose of Leonard Cohen’s failure to acknowledge the services of the guy who carries his guitar:

Now, Leonard Cohen certainly has the right to emulate his fellow rock stars and professional entertainers who, once they achieve fame and fortune, dump their menial but necessary chores – such as carrying a singer’s guitar or a cleanup hitter’s bat from location to location – onto underlings who have no other occupational options. Further, this elderly gentleman, who appears to be in his mid 70s, might have been thankful for the work, perhaps having suffered some kind of fiscal reversal that compelled him to take a position as an unskilled laborer when he should have been playing with his grandchildren or going on a spiritual retreat.

But shouldn’t he at least have been treated with respect? In various concerts and in interviews over the course of the past three years, Cohen lavishly thanked his band members, his backup singers, those who prepared food for the troupe, those who arranged transportation, those responsible for setting up and taking down the equipment, the lighting director, the person who cared for the fedoras, and many others involved in the success of the Tour.

Not once, however, did he publicly recognize, let alone commend the impeccably reliable service of this individual (as far as I can determine, Cohen has never found himself sans guitar when he stepped up to play “The Darkness” or “Feels So Good”), a man who uncomplainingly carried out his demeaning job in the service of the Tour and always managed to keep himself clean and decently groomed.

Since then, many more photos of  have appeared.

This photo by Szilvia Szanto, for example, clearly captures Joey Carenza give instructions to the guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s guitar.

Heck, the guy who carries Leonard Cohen’s guitar even appears on his own t-shirt.  Photo by Judy Green.

And recently, we’ve discovered that guitar-carrying is by no means the only task that falls to this guy (or guys – it’s difficult to discern whether all of these jobs fall to the same guy or there is a retinue of these guys who resemble one another). For example, there’s

The Guy Who Takes Care Of Leonard Cohen’s Car
Photo by Lorca Cohen

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