Photo: Leonard Cohen And Paul Berger – 1980s

The official Canada Library and Archives catalog title of this photo is “Leonard Cohen et Berger (?).” The institutional indecisiveness notwithstanding, the big guy with his arm around Leonard appears to be Paul Berger, who was President of Sony Music Canada and “worked very closely with Canadian Leonard Cohen with whom he began working in Europe in the late ’80′s.”1

Photo taken 1984-1988 by Dee Lippingwell

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  1. Source: Revolver Marketing: Paul Berger – RMG Europe []

Photos Of Note: 2013 Leonard Cohen Hamburg Concert

These striking photos were taken at the July 14, 2013 Leonard Cohen Hamburg show by Uwe & Susanne Schrade. A report on that concert by Uwe Schrade is available at “Outstanding And Very, Very Beautiful” – Reporting On The 2013 Leonard Cohen Hamburg Concert From The First Row.

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Photos Of Interest: Leonard Cohen Montreux Concert – July 4, 2013

Leonard Cohen: Montreux Jazz Festival July 4, 2013

I’m taken by the photo sets by AlexServant2009 in large part because they include not only the standard action poses that were routinely featured in the media during the tour but also shots that capture spontaneous moments that are sweetly evocative rather than heroic (for an example of this category, see the final shot of the group below).

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3 Photos: Leonard Cohen On Tour 1972

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debs on August 1, 2014 at 10:32 am said: These photos from Leonard Cohen on tour in 1972 are so telling of the times. Your site is a frequent place for me to stop by and browse for more in depth details of the Life of the greatest living poet to date. I think Mr. Leonard appeals to the ladies even More as he has aged… It is those “bedroom eyes” that sleepy look and his use of unending adjectives and adverbs to describe the intimacy of his own mind talking to all women. Thanks so much for sharing his life and travels – you are an amazing link for all of us via social media. Your talent is appreciated.

dcs2641 on August 1, 2014 at 3:48 pm said: ditto

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