Photo: Leonard Cohen Biting – Oct 31 2009; Asheville, NC

Pictured above with Leonard is Michelle Grimaldi, Production Assistant on the 2009 tour. She writes:

Asheville, NC. We had a couple days off before the gig so we had a Halloween party! It was a great night. Great tour. Great friendship. Great memories. Gutted. Oct 31 2009

Thanks to Greta Bertella, who alerted me to this photo

Photos Of Interest: Leonard Cohen In Concert – Los Angeles 2012

These photos taken by Shannon Burns at the Nov 5, 2012 Leonard Cohen Los Angeles concert are too good to miss. Worthy of special note are

  • Image #3: Sharon Robinson performing the seldom photographed Olé move
  • Image #7: A copy of the show’s timeline atop the mixing board
  • Images #18: Shannon explains, “The two guys next to me (the ones who had gone to the show in Madrid) brought Leonard a packet of enlarged photos they had taken and printed of Leonard from the shows they had been to previously. At the end, they threw it onto the stage, and Leonard, after the song, went over to it, knelt, picked it up, then mouthed to them (as seen in the photo) ‘for me?’ He then took it to the back in front of the drum set on the drum kit stage, and then took it offstage.”

Note: Originally posted Dec 2, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Marc Roed Photo Of Sharon Robinson Featured In Gragjanski Magazine

Sharon Robinson’s Facebook Page offers a scan of an article about her in Gragjanski, a Macedonian magazine. I’m told the text is appropriately laudatory but I’m most interested in that spectacular photo of Ms Robinson.

That photo looked familiar.

Turns out it looked familiar because three months ago it was posted on this site at “Photographer Of Two Superb Sharon Robinson Photos Identified.” The occasion for the posting was the discovery that this shot (and one other favorite Robinson photo) were taken by Marc Roed at the Aug 26, 20012 Leonard Cohen Aalborg concert.

The magazine flipped the photo horizontally to look like this.

My ability to read Macedonian isn’t strong – or existent, so I don’t know if Marc received credit for the photo or not. Regardless, I certainly want him credited on Cohencentric.

Note: Originally posted Jan 16, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric