Leonard Cohen & Laura Branigan – On 1976 Tour

My first paying job was touring Europe singing back-ground for Leonard Cohen, the folk poet. That was my first honest-to-God real job. I really learned a lot from that because I was behind a performer who is very big in Europe. I was on-stage for the first time in front of 8,000 people. I could make my mistakes behind him rather than doing it cold on my own. quotedown2

Laura Branigan


Laura Branigan: a shining new star by Dick Clark. The Times-News: Dec. 7, 1982. Photo property of John Miller

Leonard Cohen Was Smoking On Guitar – New York Recording Studio (Mid-1980s)

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“[My voice is the result of] about 500 tons of whiskey and millions of cigarettes.”1

Leonard Cohen

From the materials on the chair beside Leonard, including a lighter, a well-used ash tray, and two packs of cigarettes (different brands: Vantage & Marlboro), it appears he was hard at work on those “millions of cigarettes” in this session.

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More information about Leonard Cohen’s smoking is available at From The Smokey Life To Anti-smoking Ad Soundtrack.


  1. Quotation from Leonard Cohen’s ‘Book of Longing’ interview. Fresh Air on NPR: May 22, 2006 []

Photos: Leonard Cohen & Crew Leave Lucca, Head To Hamburg – July 2013

OK, That’s Not Lucca But “Vacate Viareggio” Doesn’t Scan

These especially gratifying photos of Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson as they leave the Unified Heart Touring Company’s hotel in Viareggio (ten minutes from the Lucca concert venue) en route to Hamburg, the site of the next Leonard Cohen show (July 14, 2013), are the work of Szilvia Szanto

The guy with Leonard Cohen’s guitar again

And there he is again

Party bus

That smile, that voice, that look….The one & only Sharon Robinson

Note: Originally posted July 12, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Kezban Özcan, Leonard Cohen’s Personal Asst, Tells All – Well, Tells More About The Cat & Those Bearded Chaps

Left to right: Duchess, DrHGuy, & Kezban Özcan. Photo by Leonard Cohen

Kezban Özcan, Leonard Cohen’s personal assistant since 2007, has appeared frequently in entries at  Cohencentric and its predecessor sites. Kezban Özcan Talks About What It’s Like To Be Leonard Cohen’s Assistant is, in fact, one of the most popular posts among Cohen fans. Today [date of original post: Aug 29, 2014] she responds to a couple of questions from readers.

Leonard Entwined

The two bearded gents flanking Leonard Cohen in the above photo, posted at An Unrecognized Leonard Cohen Poses At Photographer’s Request – West Village, NYC July 28, 2014, are the owners of Entwine, the Turkish eatery in the background. They are also friends of Kezban, who testifies to the excellence of their offerings and recommends the place to anyone who finds himself or herself in New York.

Kezban & The Cat

As reported previously, Kezban confirms that our favorite Canadian singer-songwriter-icon & long-time canine lover is now the primary caregiver for a cat (see above photo) who had roamed the neighborhood and “got himself adopted” by Leonard Cohen.  Asked the name of the cat, Kezban writes,

The cat’s name is Jackson, but I like pronouncing it with a French accent, I have a feeling he likes that 🙂

Credit Due Department: First photo by Leonard Cohen. Second photo (at Entwine) by Enrique Avilés. Third photo (of DrHGuy, Leonard Cohen, and Jackson) by Penny Showalter.

Note: Originally posted Aug 29, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric