Photo: Leonard Cohen Invites Audience On Stage – Hamburg 1970

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Leonard Cohen performs on stage with members of the audience at the Musikhalle on May 4, 1970 in Hamburg, Germany.

Photo: Leonard Cohen Plays Historic Venue – Edinburgh Castle 2008

I’m taken by photos of Leonard Cohen performances set in those venues invested with hundreds of years of their own history. Not only are romanticized notions of the past evoked, but the contrast between contemporary stage lighting and sound systems and the ancient backgrounds can be especially striking.1

In any case, this shot taken by Ipoh kia at the July 16, 2008 Leonard Cohen World Tour concert at Edinburgh Castle, the site of a royal castle since the 12th century, certainly qualifies for this category.

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  1. On the other hand, I am reliably informed many such sites are uncomfortable, lack sufficient parking and toilet facilities, and feature suboptimal acoustics []

Photo: Leonard Cohen At McClelland & Stewart Publishers Party For Himself And Irving Layton – 1973

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Caption: Poet Leonard Cohen, bewildered but surrounded by girls at a party for himself and Irving Layton, thrown by publishers McClelland and Stewart at the Fire Hall Restaurant. Cohen was surprised to find 300 guests at what he expected to be a private party. When he slipped away one girl summed it up: He’s lost to us. March 08, 1973